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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:17

Ministers nephew Bilecikspor Support

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First Amateur League Bilecikspor struggling Nabi Avci Minister of Education's nephew Hosni Bayrakçı, jerseys , cleats, shorts, tracksuits , footballs donated .

Bilecik news: Batuhan
Colak former president shortly before the start of the league after the resignation BİLECİKSPOR have not been on one for a while during the first week of the first Amateur League team players did not get the pitch of the license fees due to bedtime . Experienced these negative then Bilecik'l businessman Ismail cinoğlu the team claiming license fees deposited , and last week Bilecikspor the Yenipazar Belediyespor match had been removed.
Minister of Education Nabi Avci's sister's son, Bilecik Garanti Bank Branch Manager Hosni Bayrakçı the Bilecikspor team in this negativity , jerseys , cleats, shorts, tracksuits, soccer ball team appeared to have help doing . Subjects made ​​a statement about Hosni Bayrakçı, a provincial team in these situations falling to a pleasant state is not , said:\"Bilecik everyone BİLECİKSPOR the hand under the stone must set . Ismail friend, football players license fees last day of the deposit of the team second Amateur fall prevented . after that, all the problems associated with BİLECİKSPOR and work together will do, \"he said.

Ministers nephew Bilecikspor Support" comments for.


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