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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 21:43

Ministers Zeybekci:\"Terrorism is a Inhuman event. I tried to say it \"

Ministers Zeybekci:\
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Participating in the Economic Summit held in Samsun Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci , \"Terrorism is an inhuman incident.

Samsun news: Participating in the Economic Summit held in Samsun Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci , \"Terror inhuman is an event . But minus the bandits they were cuts have been the way. They even had a rule. I tried to do it ,\"he said . Photo Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Art Center Great Hall of the organization who attended the Economic Summit Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci , in his speech said that misunderstanding of the statement he made ​​about the terrorist morning, \"We will exchange the brotherhood in this fraternity geography no matter what our responsibility . What expense matter will describe these traitors in them that it is not the place in this land . one word we said at the provincial advisory committee meeting of our party are understood in different ways. Look is another relic. it our puppies there is trust. Safety saying officials as gone defenseless in a vulnerable relying on the people there have betrayed wander so . murders suffered from . and became martyrs . I said that even in'terrorist for him, there is even a rule of terror .'This promise we have to understand that . \"Terrorists are proud proud'they understand . Terror inhuman is an event . Terrorism is incompatible with any attribute of humanity. But minus the bandits they were cuts have been the way. They even had a rule. I tried to do it ,\"he said .
East and they chat with people on his visit in Southeast Anatolia and said fraternity's fit as a fiddle had stopped Ministers Zeybekci , \"Journey did we have seen and chatted with people in brotherhood we stand safe and sound . we have seen that the same country that we call the same territory, we committed to the same flag, our brothers the brotherhood project that we are subject to the same state we have seen that unity and that they believed how to draw. I said when we returned to Ankara said,'I would PKK would destroy this game. I avoid this brotherhood project. I avoid this solution process. Because the intention of anyone ever having to divide this country not able to have consented to this project.'this is the underlying desired thing for him to revive in this region . the traitor is a traitor. Will continue to do his treachery . But we'll have our this unity and solidarity , \"he said . Photo Turkey's around 35 percent compared to last year in 2014, $ 20 billion of Ministers Zeybekci said the narrowing of the current account deficit , \"Last year Turkey free economic history for the first time the IMF May 14 is not paying all debts of countries borrowing from the IMF , the country passed a class that can lend . Turkey began building the largest airport in the world. Turkey began construction of a third bridge . He graduated from one of Turkey tunnel , laid the foundation of the other. Turkey's longest bridge in the world , began on the construction of the Istanbul-Izmir highway crossing the Sea of ​​Marmara . Turkey began more than two nuclear power plant construction . Turkey finished the construction of 2 thousand megawatt wind farm and commissions . Turkey began writing epics in many areas. Turkish Airlines flies the most points in the world has become the world's number one airline . The second largest airline in Europe, has become the world's 6th largest airline . Left breathless when he helped the cultural geography once Turkey has become the country with the most donations relative to GDP in the world as of today . Where There is a tyranny , where there is a hunger, a brother in need , or where a person has started to become Turkey there. After the United States and Britain became the world's biggest donors , \"he said . The mayor , speaking at a Photo Program Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz , after the 1980s, noting that Samsun quickly began to industrialization , \"the thing that should be important in our export countries must be opposed . We have before us a very large market. We have no connection with this region. The Samsun-Ankara railway line should be rehabilitated . Difficult to find space for our industry around the place is surrounded by agricultural fields. We are trying to provide needed space for our industry. After the airport Samsun are wetlands areas on Wednesdays direction , \"he said .
Logistics village in Samsun is great gain would be expressing Samsun Governor Ibrahim Sahin, \"Logistics World is a concept we are going after more heard . In particular, e-commerce trades increased 15-20 percent every year I think we thought it would consider . America , a $ 360 billion shopping first. Turkey is doing shopping via the internet 33 per cent of them use the internet around 42 million . Especially in an area where e-commerce is coming so fast we have to do it as well as preparation of Samsun . This is the logistics . To be engaged in e-commerce logistics center in the coming period as soon as a city we should be prepared much faster in Turkey. It is within the 4 modes of transport is the only city in the Black Sea Samsun . There are also four provinces in Turkey. Samsun is the absolute speed train is supposed to meet . It is an important means of transport must necessarily Samsun to the meeting of , \"he said . Encouraged after General Directorate attached to the Ministry of Economy powers of Photo speech and made presentations on the investment . Photo Samsun economy and expectations related to Samsun TSO President Salih Zeki Murzioğl made ​​a short speech .
Economic Summit on the Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci'nin as well as the Samsun Governor Ibrahim Sahin , the AK Party Samsun deputy Ahmet new Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz , Ministry Undersecretary Ibrahim Senel Economy , district mayors , President Salih Zeki Murzioğl Samsun Chamber of Commerce , Chairman of the Commodity Exchange Sinan Cakir and businessmen attended the event. Photo

Ministers Zeybekci:\"Terrorism is a Inhuman event. I tried to say it \"" comments for.


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