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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:11

Ministers Zeybekci:\"Terrorists even honorable Happens \"

Ministers Zeybekci:\
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Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci , \"as civilians in the city, attacked as traitors to our defenseless cub wandering traitors who killed them are not even honorable enough to be a terrorist, \"he said.

Samsun news: Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci , \"as civilians in the city, attacked as traitors to our defenseless cub wandering traitors who killed them are not even honorable enough to be a terrorist, \"he said. Photo Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekçi came to Samsun to attend various meetings. Scope of Samsun program as the first organized by the AK Party provincial chairman 56. Provincial Advisory Council meeting attended by Ministers Zeybekçi , where he addressed the party . Photo TERRORISTS EVEN ONURLU WILL Photo Talk'3 cubs martyred were saying'starting Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci \"Our three cubs at the beginning of my speech, with 3 ciğerpare we were martyred. 3 pieces of main our hearts burned. 3 units hearth fire fell . 3 one brother NEW flowed . whatever the reason in this land , the occasion is or results folding get whoever , in what way whatsoever fall to the floor every soul in our lifes . Flowing blood brothers proof. this nation's unity in doing so, provisions are kept to , patriotic, flag , spirituality , independence , all sacred values, are traitors who mean to humanity and human dignity . not something to do with them with humanity. becomes a pride even terrorists . the terrorists even be an honor. But the deposit there is such a thing . He as civilians by entrusting our sister cities in geography, honorable so vulnerable in a way so as traitors to our puppy wandering attacked that terrorists are traitors who them killed is not even , \"he said .
tHIS nATION hAS BEEN tHE MARTYR Photo stating that this nation have killed thousands before Zeybekci Minister said,\"This nation has been martyred. We have 10 thousand 10 thousand , 100 thousand 100 thousand martyrs we have . If we look at our history , we look at our history will not even 100 years from now , we gave 100 thousand martyrs of Çanakkale . We have given 10 thousand martyrs Allahuekber in the mountains . We have 10 thousand killed in Yemen desert, in Tarblus in Jerusalem , Syria, Aleppo , Damascus. 2 years from the due respect for the tomb of our Lord, our Lord Fahrettin Pasha argued that even 2 years grasshopper . Never'Oh,'said. Never in the history of this nation, we collapse on the knee . This nation has never and will never accept the overall captivity. These folks'Oh,'said. This nation,'Oh,'those who want to make us , this nation,'Oh'dedirterek , those who want to ensure that the results of yıldırtarak never betray what failed and never will fail since thousands of years . In this land will not reach these ambitions from last january flash. Akif as the'last january from extinction'God forbid that . This stunning nation , such as the National Anthem of this magnificent monument revealing the generation of the host nation Akif , Akif said,'God forbid I should write the National Anthem again to this nation'he said. But when the National Anthem is called when the anthem is called the Dardanelles , and with a 5 meters even when it would be called a martyr even going to the other side of the trenches which killed 200 thousand children of these folks will never, ever give up these things. With the spirituality of our martyrs with the feeling of our martyrs , I would like to congratulate the new year of Hijra , \"he said .
'AMAN'< strong> SAYS is Hain Ministers Zeybekci indicating the Photo East and Southeast that first party , the AK Party , \"whoever is to divide the intentions of these countries, and finish whoever intention of this brotherhood, all whose intention is to this country, this flag is to betray it to our nation to unity and solidarity, are they here that those who killed our baby. This process provoking are those who are sabotaging them. Through this process , all of whom come out about the'everything but good , but'he is traitor . They say the division of this country , our sorrow , our unity and solidarity . We will not fall into this trap and play for him. These games will never happen and was never successful. Team of the God forbid , the most recent quarry on the homeland from falling off. We say so clearly. Here's what you would get in one , you get the message if the message gets what . Founding General President, our leader , as our President , allround together , we put our staff as well as the AK kef we set this way until the end . Wherever you are there , no matter what the bill politically ,'single is easy to divorce his wife'they say. You will not go to a country , you will be in a region of a country, you will say to you , even during a rally in the region of a country,'Do not you gonna carry the Turkish flag'terrorist organization, he will tell you. Then you come unity, togetherness , and you will talk with the settlement process , you can not . This all regions of the country, in all in all the provinces even first party of the AK Party in the East and Southeast , no matter what they may say , \"he said .
SPIRIT We asked for the account of the lessor Photo Talk Travel incident to Ministers also addressed the Zeybekci , \"the terrorist organization and telling him prone to those . If there is enough hearts to our brothers are free , get results provide without being free to cast their ballots without feeling any threat and no threat. They are in the countryside for fear of threats , individual travels neighborhoods'such inference here , like if'say , with threats and they get results . This land is the land Bedouin . Black Sea , Black Sea enthusiastic , energetic Black Sea The Black Sea is not combative or dangerous. In a place like Turkey. This weakens the soil and rickety have ever experienced. In this land diseased plane trees were never bloomed . It's land for thousands of years since we , thousands of years later, because these folks are prayerful nation. Turkey was more frankly . Taksim with an excuse for his tree was launched in May last year indicated the pedestrianization project shows that you know , you know Travel events. President during our trip events, our Prime Minister was North Africa. Travel events with our solicitor that day Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said that the division representative platform , had a meeting in Istanbul with them. After leaving the interview despite Based press made ​​a statement . We naively expect ,'in Taksim pedestrianization projects get canceled , you cut the trees'expect an explanation as containing such sensitivity about the environment. They 3. Discard the airport, 3 Bridges are canceled construction , can be canceled nuclear power plants, economic whatever v If the project If they want to cancel how in Turkey , he projects all of who in the period starting after the 17th of December are frozen the assets of these goods , you stopped because December 17th betrayal and 25 December tendering of projects in the third airport with the decisions they make in 15 minutes of court , third bridge, tunnel , nuclear power plant , Istanbul-Izmir highway crossings and bridges, Turkey's how assets of the contractor all if you have projects for the future and they took the decision to stop their activities . Turkey lot was happening , we need to stop Turkey. If you get them all addressed , you have somewhere surely the tracks. We say we have not come . We went like this , so I'll continue . We will be vigilant. If we are not docile sheep as well as tame. We do not stretch our necks in it anywhere. Who do we know that there is good in man. We will error, we will be with our friends and our brothers . This operation will determine the best of the main protagonists of betrayal . This betrayal of the nation's account , we will ask absolutely within the law and democracy . In doing so , we will also refining our brothers and sisters . There are lot of sense in an innocent way to serve our brothers and sisters all over our heads that support this . But the mind , by entrusted to one's conscience and soul , the lessor will ask their accounts. Turkey now that I do what someone says he's not a country . Turkey has become a country being subject \"Photo Turkey now nobody Zeybekci Ministers underlined her inability to abuse like the old, \"Turkey will not be able to provoke anyone with the slightest wave as before. Turkey can not drag anyone to the economic crisis . And be assured that this nation is no longer understood . Now these folks know and realize . In this country and never never never and will never allow the political crisis by making political engineering . Whoever this country will strive to stay within the law and standards of democracy and politics do will have to learn . Do you know what our biggest problem is our problem of opposition . Hope the inability to power of the opposition. Is there hope the opposition can power these days ? I'm asking our fellow brothers and sisters CHP . Tell God's sake. So do you know the danger of CHP power in the absence of hope be able to come in the normal way ? If passers-by how anti-democratic unlawful things are going to get stuck all in advance. Now Turkey's new constitution , it is essential that a new system needs . Turkey produces a strong power in our system , but can not produce a strong opposition . We have set up a system that produces a strong opposition by the constitution with a new system . He is also the new constitution. Who's presidential system what they say are two systems with Parliament . In case you choose to 49'l percent percent of 51 was selected, where the absence of an opposition who lost all these problems will disappear we will see together . The next process is much different. 2015 elections. Turkey in this environment, where the ring of fire , which restructured politics in Turkey . and a new constitution of this sacred task in an environment where it's become an urgent need for the work of the AK Party. AK Party had a majority in the 2015 elections will change the constitution alone . The AK Party , we have to relieve the country by providing the majority to change the constitution in these elections. Photo

Ministers Zeybekci:\"Terrorists even honorable Happens \"" comments for.


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