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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:45

Ministry of Environment and Urban Construction Continues to project abroad

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Ministry of Environment and Urbanization , students reported that construction be continued without interruption to their homes .

Ankara news: The statement made on the subject of the Photo Department , \"Environment and Urban Planning Minister Idris Güllüce the instruction accelerating and Construction Works dormitory construction carried out by the General Directorate is continuing at full speed. The student dormitories, Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution General Directorate prepared needs programs, the number of users and user groups (girls/boys) being designed for this purpose considering . Dormitory campuses, along with social facilities that are included will be himself-sufficient plants . dormitory blocks at each facility , recreational facilities , entrance control unit and necessary technical spaces ( transformer, generator, water tank , etc.). there are \"called it .
B blocks, considering the social facilities and will be found in students with disabilities on campus , TS 9111 in a statement that appropriate arrangements acknowledgment is made, \"in the dormitory blocks , rooms, disabled student room and consists of 3 double bedrooms . B has rooms with bathroom-sink-toilet . Each room while mini fridge place , washer and dryer for student use in floor offices planned in the bedroom floors is positioned determined how many units as needed. Bathroom in the dormitory blocks , waste water from the shower and sink (gray water), is used in the toilet tank through the various treatment systems. In addition, solar panels and renewable energy systems for domestic hot water using solar power block needs are met . In this way, recycling and savings are provided a major contribution \"expressions were used .
Environment and Urban Planning Minister Idris Güllüce the statement on the subject , \"to eliminate the shortage of students living in residence problems with the completion of the dormitory building and adoption of our higher quality conditions in the housing, cultural , attaining social facilities intended , \"he said .
HOSTELS continue to pROJECTS Photo in a statement, the projects continue to work abroad were as follows:Photo \"Opium Bolvadin 500-person dormitory , Amasya thousand students residence , Düzce 500-person dormitory , Erzincan 500-person dormitory , Eskişehir thousand 500-person dormitory , Izmir-Urla 750-person dormitory , Rize 600-person dormitory , Trabzon 500-person dormitory , Afyon Sultandağı 300-person dormitory , Hatay thousand student dormitory , Nigde thousand dormitories , Aksaray 750-person dormitory , Erzurum thousand 500-person dormitory , Gaziantep Islahiye 300-person dormitory , Artvin 500-person dormitory , Burdur Parish 500-person dormitory . \"Photo MADE iN PROGRESS DOMESTIC Photo Corum Osmancık 300 persons Dormitory , Zonguldak Devrek 300 persons Dormitory , Antalya Korkutali 300 persons Dormitory , Kırsehir Cicekdagi 300 persons Dormitory , Samsun Basin 300 Room Dormitory Konya Kulu 300 Room Dormitory Konya Let 300 persons Dormitory , Edirne İpsala 300-person dormitory , Isparta Uluborlu 400-person dormitory , of Trabzon 400-person dormitory , Samsun 19 Mayıs 400-person dormitory , Istanbul Sancaktepe 500-person dormitory , Muğla Milas 500-person dormitory , Konya Aksehir 500-person dormitory , Istanbul 600-person dormitory , Van Ercis 600-person dormitory , Trabzon Akçaabat DOKAP 650-person dormitory , Bayburt Dormitory Construction DOKAP 750-person dormitory , Samsun 2 thousand dormitories , Sivas 2 thousand 250 people students from abroad ongoing construction of the dorm. Photo PROVISIONAL ACCEPTANCE sTUDIES gOING aBROAD the Photo provisional acceptance studies ongoing domestic Aydin Kusadasi 500-person dormitory , Konya Karapınar 300 student dormitory , Samsun Vezirköprü 300-person dormitory , slap Erba 300-person dormitory , slap Turhal'da 500-person dormitory , Tokat Zile 300-person dormitory . Photo iN THE YEAR 2014 DELIVERED aBROAD < br/> the dorms were delivered in 2014 include:Photo \"Antalya thousand 430-person dormitory , Balıkesir thousand-person dormitory , Çankırı thousand-person dormitory , Gümüshane 750-person dormitory , Mardin 750-person dormitory , Mersin 3 thousand 500-person dormitory . \"Photo dormitory located at the tender stage , Şanlıurfa thousand dormitory, Daut Pasha Istanbul Yildiz Technical University, Fatih Sultan Mehmet 500 per thousand Campus dormitory .

Ministry of Environment and Urban Construction Continues to project abroad" comments for.


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