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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 16:58

Ministry of Interior Muammer Guler:

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Ministry of Interior Muammer Guler,"telling the capacity of the Ministry of Interior.

Ministry of Interior Muammer Guler,"the Ministry of Interior in his capacity as saying. Syria from any form of voters that is not possible. Voters to be citizens of Turkey must become. Syria that none of the citizens of Turkey is not,"he said.
'Traffic Detectives Project' presentation before the meeting members of the press, answering questions Interior Minister Muammer Guler, between the security forces all coordination with every precaution taken, said:"They create fear for the news that I know. Turkey in the environment as boundary conditions in at just far off are not always exposed to the threat may be, the risks may be in the country illegally organizations' activities may have. these external connections can be. course and external services as well as safety and command of the gendarmerie intelligence units of course work there. together come the Anti-Terrorism Council did in the ratings there. intelligence service on-site coordination centers there. Public Order and Security Undersecretariat of strategic intelligence analysis are conducted have centers. these states routinely any time in the future will do are activities. All this information intelligence there is considered"the spoke.
CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's claims reviewers Gul,"the Gendarmerie General Command following At about it is inspected. lorry driver of the prosecutor's office stated that all the information in now and again, we are evaluating. gendarmerie under the control of such an activity should never be done is not possible,"he said.
Turkey's border with physical systems for the development of very important work done stated that the Minister Guler, said:
"Yesterday at ASELSAN our 187 fixed camera 30, the mobile camera including physical security to strengthen the work we do. European Union harmonization process within the scope of a new border management, the creation of working there. Borderline physical security systems, means of strengthening the following At the important work being done. Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior jointly conducted a study that was it. such a vast land border where there is a ebet the physical condition resulting from the geographical situation arising from the deficiencies can. important thing to this situation is to be able. Turkish Armed Forces, Land Forces Command currently all limits under the protection. first and second military banned in areas behind it the police and gendarmerie of the measures taken there. Ebete no country in the America's, even four verses can not be considered. Emerging technologies using all the opportunities now we're trying to do. In the coming days the Ministry of Defense and we had a run. Hatay, starting from the border with Armenia until all of the regions 'border Physical Security System' in the new system with new enhancements that will develop."
at the border, a new wall pulling out of the question to be mentioned that Guler,"Wall said nothing. Wire mesh system to a concrete foundation and put it on, or do a separate wall withdrawal comes not. I already Bulent Arinc had expressed,"he said.
"ELE in the information SYRIA TO TAKE AWAY TO PREPARE the stairs but SIX SHORT DISTANCE FOR USE IN AT AIR TYPE bullets were said to be"
seized their 'mortar shells title is' indicating Guler said:
"Rocket subject heading is not true. Such a rocket might be heading? him have expressed. Their mortar shells as the title under the stairs in workshops produced have said. Or Konya, under stairs wineries rocket generate the title if Turkey. course, Syria was going. addressed in the information taken to Syria prepared for that, but under the stairs in short distances prepared for use mortar-type bullets were said to be. 2.5 years there is a war right under our noses, various groups here in Turkey and elsewhere over the material are pushing. they caught those too. The important thing here in Turkey its role. O in the region of a democratic environment is re-establishing expect to. Surely there conducted this bloody war to end want. humanitarian aid within the meaning of Turkey's clearly a role to play are. Syria 7 million people were displaced. Radical elements of this tension grows, of course, more will go crazy. important that Turkey's physical border security as tight as possible is that they keep. Humanitarian aid right outside of our borders and smuggling activities both related to terrorism against leakage is very important check is done."
General of Police Directorate organized by the newly created registry system runs on stated that the Minister Guler,"our country in many parts of tents and containers in cities of 200 thousand people over is hosted. than that, with its facilities from relatives who are staying low facilities in the country, some provinces outgoing but oralarla the General Directorate of Security, organized by the newly-created records where the system is being generated. these records through the system of the country no matter where you get them where they related to both health care can benefit from in that they, as well as the Social Assistance Foundation's various facilities benefit from the terms of the end are about to come. tents and containers have enough information to those cities but for others too have information about a large part,"he said.
from Syria in no way voters can not possibly be explaining Guler, said:
"the Ministry of Interior in his capacity as saying. Syria from any form of voters that is not possible. voters to be citizens of Turkey must become. Syria ' who came to none of the citizens of Turkey is not. we in principle they are already citizens of Turkey do not do. recently CHP official's claim was. Elie I have the document said. His five years ago, through marriage, naturalization appeared to be. Currently our country who took refuge in relation to persons citizenship process do not. recently in the last 10-5 years of Syrian nationality of the people, how many people access to citizenship is told. Very small amounts are. tents and container urban areas with the corresponding input and output related documents. outside about what a new document but none of citizenship does not mean that we have developed. Protection hosting temporary status according to the law remain in Turkey."
Guler, description will be made after the meeting hall was.

Ministry of Interior Muammer Guler:" comments for.


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