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  • 26 Ağustos 2014, Salı 13:07

Minutes from Hacettepe Mobile \"Drug \"Diagnostic Kit

Minutes from Hacettepe Mobile \
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Hacettepe University Faculty Professor , Department of Chemistry

Ankara news: Hacettepe University Faculty Professor , Department of Chemistry Dr. Adil Denizli , Bonzai different types of molecular structures by placing a few drops of blood samples within one hour rahatlılıkl bonzai announced that it is impossible to determine .
Hacettepe University Faculty Professor , Department of Chemistry Dr. Denizli, a drop of blood instead of drug detection laboratory at the location of the person within a few minutes have developed a method that can reveal . This method has paid millions of dollars every year in Turkey that are used in the diagnosis of drug testing instead of imported technology brings a lot cheaper and simpler . Professor Dr. Adil Denizli , methods of diagnosis can not be continuously changed the formula for \"bonzai \"named synthetic drugs that may be used for the determination .
Professor Dr. Denizli, conducted with the support of the Ministry of Development and seven years ago, based on the'Drug preparation of diagnostic kits for the determination of'completing the project , he said. For determining whether a person is using drugs existing chemical technologies that are imported , so it was very expensive , voicing Professor Dr. Denizli also that both of these technologies requires expertise and time-consuming told.
Professor Dr. Denizli, \"In this project, our interest , especially in recent years drug cocaine for detection of a sensor've created. However, this sensor other drugs in diagnosis possible. Each kind of analysis you can do. Drugs in the body, some protein structures all too quickly effectively with these systems possible to analyze . bodies of all kinds in our existing biological molecules , proteins, enzymes able to analyze all of them , \"he said .
Professor , indicating that different types of Bonzai Dr. Denizli, \"Bonzai different types of molecular structure , placing a few drops of blood , blood samples are very selective with bonsai trees rahatlılıkl able to determine within an hour ,\"he said .

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