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  • 03 Ekim 2013, Perşembe 12:46

Missile defense agreement to be signed within 6 months

Missile defense agreement to be signed within 6 months
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Defense Industry Undersecretary Bayar tender for long-range missile defense agreement be signed within 6 months, he said.

Undersecretary for Defense Industries (SSM) Murad Bayar , chat meeting organized by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, missile defense provided information and answered journalists' questions regarding the tender.

Bayar, on the question of the scope of the tender missile missile system was 4, said a total of 288 missiles jettisoned. Mobile system would be deployed to the desired location Bayar stated, this system consists of many tools, radar, it is anticipated that the BMC said that the domestic production of the vehicles.

contract according to the tender specifications signed an advance payment of the fourth year after the Chinese company will complete the delivery of the missile system, representing all Bayar be signed within 6 months of the anticipated contract said.

Bayar, the system would not receive license and therefore would not be to the exports.

to do about the transfer of technology for the production of the system Bayar said,"We started to make our own system that is used in Turkey will be the infrastructure and yetenecek . example, almost all of the missiles will be produced in Turkey,"he said.

Bayar, Turkey's fourth largest city will protect four missile system, because of the threat of them in places where mobile deployed, he said.

"non-NATO, NATO member country for the first time made the purchase?"Bayar in answering the question, are examples of this is the S-300 recently in Greece stated that missile. Turkey's air defense system is missing in this regard, it is stated that to resolve such a tender organized Bayar,"found a good solution to the tender, and it provides the criteria for NATO in terms of integration and communication. Weapons from NATO countries, NATO countries would take only a No criteria,"he said.

MİLGEM Project

MİLGEM Project Bayar also the question of cancellation of the tender,"the calendrical MİLGEM is not associated with the current political situation,"replied.

the last 10-year period for the construction of military ships participation of the private sector implementing a strategy to ensure that describes Bayar, said:

"We have today more than $ 2 billion project, the private sector shipyards carry out military ships. them have successful results. MİLGEM their In a more complex platform. sorarsasnız my conviction to make a fighting ship at a shipyard in Turkey do not MİLGEM. We are trying to create. because the world can do this ship has only a 10-yard. tender inspection committee, said the first competition narrowed. We also presented the executive committee of . (Observe that if such an objection), the statement said. therefore not linked to the political issue."

Bayar, Undersecretary of the first A-400 aircraft on another question is currently considered tests that do delivery in the month of October or November, he said.

Missile defense agreement to be signed within 6 months" comments for.


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