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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:18

Missing disabled boy's body was found

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Eregli district of Konya has been missing for 13 days in the body of a young mentally disabled , lost items but can not be found on the first day surfaced in the pond dam comes out Ivriz found .

Konya news:
Eregli 23-year-old mentally disabled residents in the neighborhood Tahtaköprü Karadaş Ferhat , 13 days ago by coming out did not return any more . Family calls upon to provide information to the security forces lost when work starts on the day the dam pond at night Ivriz a person shouting in the direction where the sounds were reported . All night and during the day in the study who drowned persons belonging to any finding that there was no alleged Konya Provincial Disaster and Emergency ( AFAD) Directorate teams search efforts ended.
Lost Ferhat Karadaş everywhere while searching , Ivriz dam pond fish keeping to the water surface He saw a person standing still . Water removed from the surface after being diagnosed in young families Ereğli State Hospital morgue has been removed. Ferhat Karadaş lived region Ivriz dam up to 2 km distance to understand how yet bilinemezk the relatives to the region by others can be brought claims.
Halkapınar Governor Mehmet Kocabey calls 10 days ago on notice AFAD was done by , but the call is false that interrupted studies indicated that in mind . Not belong to the body of missing teenager who is a sad state Governor Mehmet Kocabey or brought to this area to understand how the investigation of possibility , he said.
Initiated the investigation into the incident continues.

Missing disabled boy's body was found" comments for.


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