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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 09:40

Missing Teeth And Affect the Social Life of Poor Dental Aesthetic Perspective from Individuals

Missing Teeth And Affect the Social Life of Poor Dental Aesthetic Perspective from Individuals
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Dentist Referral Eralp , missing teeth or social life , he said that the problems experienced by individuals with poor dental aesthetics point of view.

Erzurum news: Eralp , in the research of dental terms of bad aesthetics with people hiring interview , he said that it was a negative effect . A private company founded in Photo 2009 What's appearances in job interviews until he was doing a survey about to be effective and participants 89 percent of very telling that said it was important Dentist Referral Eralp , \"Again according to the results of a research gives your note about your outer appearance of individual 100 milliseconds until a short time your face . in this case, going to a job interview or an interview , plus the value of the consideration that a confident smile as you fold it should not be overlooked , I think. of course, the secret of this smile, goes from having healthy teeth in a coherent way , \"he said .
bad dental aesthetics aside, today is definitely voicing missing teeth on another problem which is unacceptable Dentist Referral Eralp then said \"lack of dental implants treatment options come to mind first ... Popularly known as artificial tooth roots, dental implants have become indispensable in the treatment of tooth loss today . Function and aesthetics of natural teeth implants as a treatment alternative that best mimics , in almost every age individuals can be applied when the appropriate conditions are met .
So why implants ? First, our long habit , I would like to remind you that our teeth and a number of specific tasks. Therefore, the lack of each tooth , we can accept the loss of an organ. Difficulties in eating area with missing teeth and gum problems will start to be in that region. This is according to weight gain instead of , or might even lead to serious stomach and digestive problems. Certainly not if the area in front of the lack of dental problems in speech , aesthetics as a bad image with psychological problems will be inevitable.
Market we when the implant brand in number as many as he could not even follow that , the fear that the reliability of the implant is normal. Ultimately implants into the jaw bone is placed on your body and your parts'was bad subtract , again let'you do not have the chance to. Correct selection of the implant within the scope of the indication should be considered as an important factor influencing the course of treatment. \"

Missing Teeth And Affect the Social Life of Poor Dental Aesthetic Perspective from Individuals" comments for.


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