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  • 15 Eylül 2013, Pazar 12:24

Mobile phone users will now breathe easy!

Mobile phone users will now breathe easy!
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Widespread in recent years in Turkey 'credit-money scams', the General Directorate of Police mobilized.

GSM companies met with officials of safety, against the crooks ' Mobile Line Query System ' created . The citizens of this system is able to learn on your own how many lines opened. These lines the GSM operators to close you down you apply.

victims across the country with a large number of ve'Kontör/Money Dolandırıcılığı'adıyla known fraud suspicious cases, using various official titles subject to the promotional campaigns of different companies or awards are granted in the form of the citizens with top-up copy of the request for money or cheating.

Police Headquarters , various studies carried out for the purpose of the prevention of crime.

GSM companies operating in Turkey under the coordination of the Security General Directorate Information and Communication Technologies Authority officials and with the participation of senior representatives of the measures to be taken to prevent acts of fraud top-TL , meetings were held subject area.

as a result of the interview and the studies; Information and Communication Technologies Authority to themselves how many citizens Sticky Thread One line opened or Learn "Mobile Line Query System"created. This is the system""i ulaşılabilecekler from the internet. Citizens through the system, use the drop-down, pop them out of their lines, learn information. to close you down the lines of GSM operators may apply.

the other hand, the Department of Public Security Police against the crooks citizens, constantly warning messages sent to mobile phones. In a message,"The police do not believe the prosecutor wants the name of money and credit. Switch off the phone. Call 155 Police Line. Caller ID you know." is called.


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