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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 18:24

Modef Expo Opens Its Doors

Modef Expo Opens Its Doors
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MODEF EXPO 32 in Bursa İnegöl opened.

Bursa news: Photo Exhibition Centre Inegöl 128 portable tent new logo also took place in Bursa in the EXPO Fair booth where a total of 160 companies. Inegöl Mayor Alinur Aktas , \"Inegöl , 2 dealing with a century furniture, beds furniture , shield with furniture, furniture manufacturing , selling furniture, a city which exports furniture. To crown this process , we have done very important work to be able to announce to the world. MODEF Fairs Inegöl Municipality, ITSO, Inegöl Furniture is a company founded in Room partnership. we still managed to get a first in Turkey . Furniture Specialized osb'miz rapid progress. we brought our İnegöl'ü this space as 25 thousand square meters, you can see the 5 and a half months. the furniture comes from our Shopping Mall . again, TÜV Rheinland in Inegöl . the region up to India in Inegöl in Turkey has deployed as self Inegöl the center and still deployed in the TSE's branch Inegöl . Needless to say, our Inegöl Customs Directorate. Inegöl furnishers wonder this sector how do all the can improve my account. Furniture design finds the center of our fast life. with support from bebka with the support and participation of the Governor again in Inegöl cultivate our own designer and Turkey and we had our design center of our design in the world surface in order to remove the foreground to life. MÜSIAD Inegöl Branch'My Future Furniture'project is to popularize the Inegöl of furniture , our children and our young people is one of the important work done in order to target diagnosis. Our children scholarships given and , encouraged , and taken to trips abroad , \"he said .
President Aktas spoke as follows:Photo \"with additional portable area of 28 thousand square meters in area 160 , our company will introduce the trend products . 7 We sent thousand VIP invitation. Compared to last year we have increased our advertising budget of around 20-25 per cent , a figure that is equivalent to the 600-odd thousand TL . We have received very significant support from the Ministry of Economy and Exporters Association . Hopefully we will have a meeting here . From abroad through our agency will host around 40 different countries where our guests . Qatar during the year , together with Kazakhstan and three thousand from 65 different countries here in Dubai with a total of 500 trips around we hope to welcome foreign buyers . I would especially like to remember our businessmen and our export manager ; We have a meeting tomorrow BİTUB . In particular, I want to remind the officers to take part in our friends section . 10:00 and 13:00 , from 14:00 to 15:30 hours in the afternoon . Will remain open between 4-8 November , we desire to visit the guests a total of around 20 thousand of our İnegöl'ü first fair and I hope that the felicity to our national economy . \"The Photo Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, \"in many ways of our people, in the sector will consist of new facilities will be a beautiful exhibition organization will open new horizons . Inegöl really successful in this business . Also developing year by year . Our major goals of our Bursa and İnegöl'ü . We strides confidently to the target . Inegöl , the most important production centers of production in Bursa. Everything the brand . Let the heart of Turkey , we want that . We joined the Milan fair . They are afraid of Turkey. Because Turkey is developing very fast . I hope we exceeded our target . I wish the best of our exhibition , \"he said . Photo Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu in his speech , \"Much has been said about the furniture sector in Inegöl . They are all correct . Inegöl today not only in Turkey , was one of the major furniture centers in the world . Nobody's doubt . Bunda each of you , your father , your grandfather had a very valuable contribution . I thank each of them . Contemporary today from our values ​​that are important tradition , innovative , design-oriented , is to crown with ergonomic models to respond to people's needs . Last year Inegöl Furnishers we have given our support to cooperation with the Chamber of BEBKA Workshop Inegöl we care . Hopefully now following the one in Inegöl furnisher of the world , not mimic, one will enter a process in which follow-up and imitate it, \"he said. Members of the protocol followed by furniture suffrage Photo speech, then made the opening by cutting the ribbon. Karaloğlu and his delegation stands only the only visiting , artisans wished righteousness. stand firm entering a Karaloğlu during their visit , saw the table of foreign countries in the company's booth wall , \"is supposed to be Inegöl the table. I do not photographed here, \"he came out of the stands .


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