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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:47

Modef Foreign Akin

Modef Foreign Akin
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Bursa Inegol district takes 32 and the influx of foreigners held MODEF EXPO Fair.

Bursa news: Photo Exhibition makes a statement MODEF Chairman of the Board and the Mayor in the field Alinur Aktas , \"Our fair started as of yesterday . We face just fine development. Today, the Ministry of Economy , Exporters Assembly is held bilateral talks with support. Incoming purchasing delegations We provide talks , bringing the company . we have guests from the moment different countries. showground was very moving. although the opening day, nearly 500 foreign , 600 thousand domestic market and 2 thousand to be ticketed than 300 400 people visited the fair. pretty good numbers despite being the first day . I believe that our goal we have reached . in Inegöl furniture, especially pull the bar towards export this exhibition further up . I thank the Ministry of Economy and Exporters Assembly , \"he said .
opening ceremony Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu'na of Inegöl the new fairgrounds Aktas reminded of the words related to the establishment in Bursa ,'I was not bothered at all from yesterday's speech . Whatever the subject , I listen to people , I mean the idea and identified the roadmap . Our governor is looking at the whole picture number is correct. Metropolitan Mayor Not very detailed issues, but that request our support him knows about it . Maybe the idea is not very clear on this issue . He could sense a tad too quiet . I'm never bothered . Our furniture store in Inegöl formed between a disappointment in this regard . I have never said a disappointment. I am a man who lives according to the ideals . Inegöl what you want to do , I know very clearly where he wants to go right . Trade fairs made ​​in Turkey for many years . İzmir Fair , the fair is over the age of Ankara my age. Since 1994, an annual exhibition fair Inegöl 20 . Made 32nd time, a fair held 2 times a year. But she knows all of Turkey , Istanbul, Turkey's first furniture exhibition , furniture fair Inegöl second . Nobody can argue otherwise? You have to realize and understand that good. Why is this fair Inegöl successful ? Why in Izmir fair in Inegöl not succeed like in Ankara. You have to understand it better . We where relevant, the time comes when it's time we bring them obviously wish. We have made these organizations together İnegöl'l until today. I'll never let anyone perceived as a challenge. We care about the support and contributions of the leaders of our city , of course , but our Inegöl as our goal , we have ideals. We want to increase our exports . Trade will be the place to be . And it also will accept all circles . Our goal is definitely our Inegöl as at this point, we have no given up our ideal attitude . Already we have our target date of November 2016 was fair. As of today there 2 years. Therefore, we are not given up our goal , \"he said . Aktas then President Photo Tunisia, Morocco and found that the incoming president of commerce and industry chambers of Iraq met with the delegation of 8 people.


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