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  • 29 Ağustos 2014, Cuma 09:56

Modern Day Nightmare:Hypertension

Modern Day Nightmare:Hypertension
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Basically, that means high blood pressure in hypertension, age, gender , race and physical condition affects blood pressure were noted.

Adana news: Basically, that means high blood pressure in hypertension, age, gender , race and physical condition affects blood pressure were noted.
Cardiology Special Middle East expert Dr. Ibrahim's right, in a statement today accepted blood pressure at rest 120/80 mmHg and said, \"Any person blood pressure during sleep low , frustrated, excited, while , or during exertion is high. Blood pressure constantly 140/90 mmHg watching if hypertension is mentioned. blood pressure varies among individuals and for the same individual . for this reason, the individual's blood pressure by a doctor should be at least 2 times higher , \"he said .
Exp . Dr. True, hypertension , heart disease, one of the main risk factors , emphasizing that if left untreated brain circulation , cardiovascular , eye and kidney disease for significantly illness and death may increase , he said.
hYPERTENSION more common in women SEEN
in the industrialized countries of the adult population 10-20 percent as hypertension detected expression that's right, he continued:
\"hypertension, blacks , and women are more common. Persons age of hypertension contribute to the priorities in the veins that accompany aging abnormalities. vascular with age, loss of elasticity occurs. industrialization , lifestyle , for example, the use of salt , excessive nutrition, sedentary living and stress on blood pressure have a negative effect is \"
hYPERTENSION the symptoms vary greatly
hypertension symptoms, fatigue, nausea, visual disturbances , excess sweating, skin flushing and pallor , nosebleeds , anxiety and nervousness, palpitations , dizziness , headache , ringing in the ears and humming noted that the Exp . Dr. Ibrahim's right, said:
\"Hypertension treatment if it can be deadly . Kalbi forcing to heart failure and vascular forcing hardening of the arteries leads to . Hypertension in patients with cerebral hemorrhage , stroke, coronary artery disease , sudden death, heart attack , arrhythmia , renal failure and retinopathy ( visual disturbances that lead to eye disorders ) are common. \"
essential hypertension cause is unknown
of essential hypertension of unknown cause hypertension mean that emphasizes correct ,\"strong genetic (familial) factors include . Essential hypertension seen with other risk factors for the dietary salt intake is high , abnormal stress, race, age, gender , diabetes , family history of hypertension in finding, hiperkolesterolez the ( high cholesterol , smoking and obesity , \"he said .
private Hospital Kardiyooj Middle East expert Dr. Abraham True, hypertension prevention needs to be done also listed as follows for:
\"to quit smoking , lose weight (especially abdominal) , dieting (fresh fruits, vegetables, grains , low-fat foods to consume and red heat meat to restrict ) , exercising regularly ( 3-4 times a week to do 30 minutes of exercise ) , alcohol intake , reduce salt intake (2 g/day ) to restrict and learn how to cope with stress . \"

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