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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:08

Moody's:\"Short-Term Increase of Turkey's Note Not Possible \"

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Moody's Analyst Alpo to Banerji , the assessment found about Turkey.

İstanbul news: Banerji said Turkey's credit rating would not be up in a change in the short term .
International credit rating agency Moody's , Turkey held a conference themed . Banerji in the comments at the conference , said that Turkey's credit note will be up to a change in the short term . Photo Banerji , despite Turkey's vulnerability to powerful positions in financial and economic areas of the Turkish economy compared to other countries with similar credit ratings indicated that high . Banerji , Turkey specifying direct it down to 28 percent, the current account deficit of foreign capital inflows, said the deterioration in the current account deficit financing quality. Photo savings, which emphasizes increased deterioration in current account deficit of low Moody's analyst, is expected to continue the upward trend in external debt and external he said cause risk of short-term nature of the debt. Photo Banerji , in the short term by specifying not be said that an increase in Turkey's credit rating , \"as long as the external imbalances continued to remain large and Turkey's foreign financing and payments exposed to balance the pressure short on credit rating term upward movement is not possible , \"he said .
Moody's analyst Banerji , \"repression in internal and external political tensions and external balance for the rise of the view must be reduced , \"he said . Banerji , public finance , and noted the internal-external balance deterioration acceleration pull the grade down .
Turkey's Fed Moody's analyst highlighted the increased vulnerability of the normalization of the monetary policy of the lack of public debt and low budget deficit , he said that the strengths of the Turkish economy.
Banerji also \"the uncertainty of growth in economic policy will continue until the elections to keep low ,\"he said.

Moody's:\"Short-Term Increase of Turkey's Note Not Possible \"" comments for.


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