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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:48

Morale President Baran Verdi Patients

Morale President Baran Verdi Patients
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Mayor Ismail Gulf Baran, therefore, Eid al-Adha by visiting Gulf State Hospital staff , patients and their relatives was presented carnations .

Kocaeli news:
unity and solidarity to the highest level , when, the elderly and patients are visited by religious holidays are Eid al-Adha , the Mayor Baran, Bay State Hospital by visiting the hospital staff , patients and relatives of patients Eid al-Adha , celebrating carnations distributed. During the visit President Baran that in some gospel worthy projects in the Gulf began to implement in the near future , he said. President Baran Gulf of people awaited the 100-bed Gulf State Hospital project in the near future will be implemented gave the good news .
First holiday greeting of the State Hospital administrators made ​​during a visit by President Baran, then with patients individually paying attention , a speedy recovery to find wished . Gulf State Hospital visiting patients in all parts of the Mayor Baran and his entourage , visited children at the hospital , handed out carnations . Patients with single chat and celebrate feasts Mayor Ismail Baran, wishing a speedy recovery wished to spend an auspicious festivals . Citizens'requests and also asking the Mayor Baran , holidays in hospital patients undergoing their relatives has not forgotten .
His spot visits and public appreciation and large acclaimed President Baran its visit to the hospital with a citizen's better or worse with the people that showed . Day at the hospital to spend the rest of patients and their relatives, President Baran his visit because of thanking their satisfaction expressed .
With patients in the chatter President Baran, \"Every time today as it was in our people are on the side saying,\"he said:
\"Disease and health for people . Allah, everything which is better give . hospital treated at our all to the citizens to get past he says, God speedy recovery wish. treated our patients by visiting them and their relatives to our morale to visit our realized. this feast on the eve of working in health to our staff at ease wish . whenever needed our people on a good day or a bad day stand beside it is necessary to think . these feelings and thoughts of our patients and relatives of patients festivals , celebrating the sick brothers and sisters from God speedy recovery to their relatives patience and amenities I wish \"

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