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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:19

Moreover sacrificial Elder

Moreover sacrificial Elder
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In Gallipoli , the manufacturer can not sell the sacrificial feast before the feast on the first day that I could not find the .

Çanakkale news: If citizens'Maybe hoe saying'sacrificial feast was made to negotiate .
In Canakkale , on the first day of the feast , available manufacturers sacrificial upset. Before the holiday is not showing much interest in the suffering of the citizens manufacturers, the last day of work waiting to be opened . However, the situation was not as expected . Manufacturers, prices same as last year , although citizens are showing interest as the former was close. Sacrificial to get the first day of the fall in prices in hopes of citizens waiting feast of Eid prayers in the market after the victim was on his way . Seeing the change of the price of some citizens complained from the cost of some argued that the normal level of prices .
In Çanakkale , the sacrifice of the municipality prepared by cutting the victim was cut on-site . After the prayer , taking the place of slaughter sacrificial animals citizens who , as we waited a long time here . Butchers, From $ 45 made ​​of small ruminants sector . Police teams, the victim in the sales area , constant supervision in the field of municipal teams made ​​the cut .
Of literal novice butchers of Eid al-Adha , the feast was at work . Sacrificial animals who help themselves want to cut or butcher some citizens were injured in various places . Self-injuring three people , Çanakkale State Hospital was brought .


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