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  • 23 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 09:36

Mosques and Imams digitalization in Aydın was

Mosques and Imams digitalization in Aydın was
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With the evolving technology into all aspects of life in the digital living imams kept pace.

Aydın news:  With the evolving technology into all aspects of life in the digital living imams kept pace. All mosques in Aydın cinevision computer-aided installation was performed. Imam notebook computers are now easier with the congregation of the vas found to counsel, the congregation began to read the Turkish translation of the verse being read. Aydin
mosque imams keeping pace with evolving technology to come up with the computer began to go. From time to time to the community questions in a computer from rummage seeking to respond imams, Aydin Mufti of the months are not updated and working on the official website deficiency is trying to close.
In the city center all the imam and muezzin from the computer between the best and PC in unfamiliar imams in the course increasingly digital world, keep up with the indicating chaplains, at times, congregation near the neighborhood kids homework help in trying to be what they said.
imam and muezzin in coordination served and every day after prayers they read the Koran-Quran verses meal to the computer through cinevision from reflecting the community's verses meaning enables reading indicates that they Aydınlı imams Hasan Hail,"Our religion Islam innovation and technology, an open religion. fact Paygamberimiz in this regard a hadith as it is, 'science in China, albeit go seek' hadith are evident to all. Computer spread after the mosque also in our teknoıloj this blessing to benefit from getting started. us as advanced age which immediately course go to the computer has learned. the youth already knew. Now all the mosques in our namza after the Imam excessive if he reads the muezzin, the muezzin if he reads the imam recited verses translations of the cinevision from is reflected. Our congregation also recited verses the meaning read understand,"he said.
all mosques and imams in Aydin keep up-to-digital indicating that the community have expressed their satisfaction with the application.

Mosques and Imams digitalization in Aydın was" comments for.


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