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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 16:07

Mosques and Religious Officers Week to celebrate

Mosques and Religious Officers Week to celebrate
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Mosques and religious officials weeks because of the press conference Nigde Mufti Aladdin Gürpınar , will be celebrated the week by giving information about \"Religious Affairs by this bug's main theme'mosques and youth'was defined as \"he said.

Niğde news: Nigde
mufti together with members of the press service buildings Nigde the mufti Gürpınar Aladdin ; Nigde ongoing construction and restoration of the mosque by providing information about \"our city of Nigde University and Derbent cemetery, the area between the exception of a large no longer needed ,\"he said .
Meeting each year as this year October, the first week of mosques and religious officials week is celebrated as underlining Gürpınar , \"This year, the Feast of Sacrifice to coincide with the occasion of the October 13 to 18 , between are celebrating . this issue across the country as well as in our province presidency of religious affairs and religious foundation chairman of the joint programs are doing . Mosque and our religion, our staff functions attention to draws needed somewhere new mosques done and clergy of our public is much more valuable services able to present on behalf of various studies are conducted . Within this framework, our province is available from the mosques else is needed , especially in the city center of Derbent cemetery Nigde University up to chapter strongly mosque is needed. Therefore, with the support of philanthropic citizens Sabanci Dormitory located across the street from the Grand Mosque construction has begun construction . I hope in a very short time at the site of the new state hospital with two charitable help our citizens will begin construction of two mosques . This aspect of mosques as targets from a year earlier in the week that we put in front of us needs to build mosques in the region as soon as possible to provide the service of Niğdeliler will be finishing . Also the nice man a week before the scheduled boarding hafiz of the Qur'an Selcuk our course in our neighborhood dropped from the sixth floor of the building I want to give the good news . In the coming academic year, here are waiting to enter the service . Besides Just this week Talayhan near Mosque still 110 people boarding hafiz girl who our courses laid the foundation , \"he said .
Philanthropy citizens with the help where it is needed the mosque to do as well as the existing mosques, the restoration work continues stated that the Mufti Gürpınar , \"Mr. our governors have shown a special interest in this subject . Ms. Afifi Mosque, ordered the restoration of the mosque and the mosque Kiğılı continues. But Sung Bey Mosque project continued shortage of Nigde pupil historical monuments mosque because we care and love awaits . We hope this will be restored as soon as possible in our mosques . However, in our villages Koran course construction is ongoing . Where it is needed for our citizens respond to the demands a Koran course our construction , \"he said .
\"Mosque matter how glorious whatever we this week to mark the call of the mosque in our size , decoration, architecture, aesthetics matter as much there and unity and in peace prayerful is so important , \"he Gürpınar ,\"of course, this year the Presidency of Religious Affairs, mosques and religious officials and meaning adding another theme week celebration went his way . Mosque and so a decision was made , especially in youth . And mosques and religious officials in the week'late teen came saying'our young people in mosques interest in Look in improving teamwork and conferences will be held .
Again during the week of public institutions , our hospitals and artisans visit , as well as our students a historic mosque visit our will . Referring to the importance of the week within the activities of mosques and Koran schools in our general cleaning to be done. On Thursday October 16 at 09.30 prof. Dr. Privates and Youth conference will be given by Ali Mosque . However, during the year in Nigde Success success and a plaque will be given to the staff , \"he said .

Mosques and Religious Officers Week to celebrate" comments for.


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