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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:54

Mosques were filled at the Feast of Sacrifice

Mosques were filled at the Feast of Sacrifice
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Malatya coming to the mosque for Eid prayer , citizens could not find place inside the mosque were praying in the courtyard .

Malatya news:
Citizens, in the early hours of the morning feast flocked to mosques for prayers . Citizens who can not find their place in a mosque , mosque courtyards and prayer on the prayer rugs were laid . Eid greetings after Eid prayers with each other , citizens have donated to the mosque .
On the other hand Eid prayers at the mosque , which makes the city cemetery in Malatya Mayor Ahmet Cakir, after prayers were holy to citizens . President Cakir, told reporters in a statement, \"Eid together realize I would . We today have to return to the Almighty praise filled . Holidays for us a very special day. Fitr, the feast live as required. Feast of Sacrifice God in everyone's victims agreed to do . Course feast become synonymous peace and security of income . But unfortunately, in the Islamic world in recent years a very serious persecution there . these atrocities geography of Islam in every aspect of there . Lord, I hope Muslims feast on the occasion consciously make . all of the Islamic world and the Malatya Eid congratulate \"he said .

Mosques were filled at the Feast of Sacrifice" comments for.


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