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  • 05 Eylül 2014, Cuma 10:46

Most Common Orthopaedic Disorders in Children \"flatfoot \"

Most Common Orthopaedic Disorders in Children \
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Open a specialist in orthopedics and traumatology .

Antalya news: Open a specialist in orthopedics and traumatology . Dr. Ismail Shook, the most common orthopedic disorders in children noted that the flatfoot .
Of flatfeet 5-6 times in boys than in girls , indicating that frequent orthopedics and traumatology specialists Op. Dr. Ismail Shook, \"the most frequent disorders in children between 1-6 years of age , congenital flatfoot flatfoot or may be linked to bone or joint deformity ,\"he said . Congenital or developmental flatfoot , aka innocent does not require any special treatment of flatfoot is a condition that states that the Op. Dr. Ismail Shook, said:
\"Innocent flatfoot is very common. Children in 80 percent lighter flatfoot and domestic press has . This baby type of fat tissue under the skin settlement stems from . These cases, treatment for orthopedic boots, soles and other special molds instead of treating the child's foot musculature hinder the development is up for may even damage . Children grow up and you walk the adipose tissue decreased muscle stronger foot longitudinal arch increases. Ultimately the child's feet return to normal. \"
bone or joint deformity or ties depending on the looseness of flatfoot is an expression that is highly Op. Dr. Ismail Shook, \"In this group, some foot bones between the innate union, merger or foot bones deficiency , normally in different ways such as being the problem may be . In such cases, shoes inside the mechanical reinforcements , special exercise programs and surgical intervention and treatment methods are applied ,\"he said .
flatfeet the patient's quality of life, reduces lifetime pointed out that a problem Op. Dr. Ismail Shook, words said:
\"Discomfort with people , sport difficulty as well as shoe wear problems, more in future years if the early calcification problem, such as may be confronted . Working conditions , outpatient work and overweight pain increases among factors takes . 8 is considered normal up to the age of early diagnosis is of great importance in the treatment of flatfoot . \"

Most Common Orthopaedic Disorders in Children \"flatfoot \"" comments for.


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