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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 09:29

Most of the current account deficit is closing Fruit Juice Industry

Most of the current account deficit is closing Fruit Juice Industry
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Aroma Bursa Fruit Juices and Food Industry Inc.

İstanbul news: Aroma Bursa Fruit Juices and Food Industry Inc. General Manager Okan Oziris in Turkey's foreign trade competitiveness of the highest food products increased exports of the fruit juice industry plays an important role in the current account deficit , he said.
Turkey's first fruit juice company which is one of the annual 100 million liters of fruit juice production, which carries out its aroma , Istanbul CNR Expo in both the consumer as well as a wide range of products with the visitors entertained.
only fruit juice production at the same time juice the main raw material concentrate and puree manufacturing also stating that they do Oziris fruit juice and concentrates abroad Semis announced that they purchased . More than 40 countries realized export figures and world brands move towards that transfers Oziris as a firm on targets , \"the annual 100 million liters of fruit juice production we have . Apart from the 130 thousand tons of fruit processing capacity of Turkey's largest fruit juice with a processing capacity aroma . past two years in Japan and China, Far East countries , African and Middle Eastern countries, the portfolio between've added . American continent are also present . there the new products started to give . Finished product development in the ongoing fairs we participate . abroad all fairs are participating . our goal abroad sales potential to further increase , \"he said .
current account deficit juice industry Emphasizing the importance Oziris that also the industry's recent deficit concealer sector is among the transferring said:\"the current account deficit concealer across sectors, I think it is . because flavored described as export import rate is very low within the property . All of the products produced in Turkey, the Turkish capital, using the production is sold abroad . Therefore, the current account deficit very seriously sector pulled down , I believe. \"
any time of day can be consumed
46 years, fruits , and healthy quality of flavor that adds aroma close when put on the market and on the shelves in a short time consumption which tasted providing information about the aroma of Corporate Communications Consultant Asli Özsaraç ,'Aroma Active Günboyu'grain mixed fruit drinks 200 ml. packaging with any time of day easy and delicious way to be consumed , he said. also contained fibers increases with you're a hearty expressed as the product offered to consumers Özsaraç ; \"aroma Active breakfast all day long during the day , starting from the easily consumed beverage in the other meals . Especially kids loved it too. With the opening of schools known to consume fruit juices are very caring. Feeding mothers in the bag , one you want to put the juice , \"he said .

Most of the current account deficit is closing Fruit Juice Industry" comments for.


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