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  • 08 Kasım 2012, Perşembe 15:26

Most searched word on Google!

Most searched word on Google!
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Google, the most ...

internet users in Turkey in the last 3 months Google search engine 's most"on Facebook, Youtube , face, Blip , the owner of the words"called.

Turkey in the last 3 months, respectively, the most sought-words"Facebook, Youtube , face, Blip , Owner, Hotmail, games, nationality, news, Google ", while rising searches rank"KPSS results, Mackolik, Bilyoner from the field, Star TV, tubidy , Agriculture , Bookmakers,, ATV"he realized.

Across the country,"Health"category in the data,"SSI"When the first place, the search"Bursa"and"appointment"was followed. This topic shows the maximum output calls"food poisoning","colon cancer"and"vitamins"was.

"Health"section of most residents in the"SSI","Ankara Hospital","gas"when searching for the words, residents of Istanbul"appointment","social security","Bursa"words called. This category includes most"SSI, Bursa, appointment, heart, vitamins, Trabzon, dr, imei query, the doctor"was searched.

"Travel"category are examined calls"THY"took first place, it"Istanbul"was followed. Last 90-day period"Feast of Sacrifice"search out the highest performing an increase of 4 per cent thousands,"kurbanbayramı","kurbanbayramı2012"was departing from other calls.

"Jobs and education category"," SSPC ","school","e-school"calls the first three took place.

In the same period in the world's most wanted,"Facebook, Youtube , Google , Hotmail, free, you, Yahoo mail, Gmail, news'', while the Google 'top rising searches in the world,'' Gangnam Style, Hurricane, Sandy, Kate Middleton was".

MOST General Discussion fumbled

"Sports"category of the most sought-word'' Liverpool '', while the second" Galatasaray '', ranked third in the league'' the words'' took place.'' Spartak rise of the biggest calls made in this category Moscow'','' Manchester United'','' Real Madrid'' showed.

Looking at the most sought-words'' the Internet and and electronic products was'''' download'' and'' Google''.

Most searched word on Google!" comments for.


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