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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:54

Mother-daughter is 1.5 months Loss

Mother-daughter is 1.5 months Loss
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33-year-old living in the town of Canakkale Bayramic Velvet Kurt and 4 year old daughter can not get news from the 1.5 months .

Ordu news:
Army Yukarıtep in the village lived acquaintances through 11 years ago Çanakkale-Bayramic , Murat at the village Fevzi Kurt got married and they had a 4 year old girl having a velor Wolf ( 33), 1.5 months ago suddenly disappeared. Get news from her daughter is 1.5 months inability to call upon the father Selahattin Barnes (72), the gendarmerie and the prosecutor was referring to his daughter wanted to have . Thinker with the call that are not her daughter alive about healthy can not get information Selahattin Barnes, \"My daughter and granddaughter from August 30 since the losses , but my chance on September 11 I got the news . Since then, I did not call to ask whether the place left . Dardanelles went , but my son-in'We are looking at , \"says another does not say anything . she never care about like you do not have a case ,\"he said .
groom from poverty because \"my child I will sell ,\"he daughter fights indicating that Selahattin Barnes, \"my daughter's child to be sold protested because his wife fight that I know. me every feast would call this feast did not call. Hayatından'm concerned. dead well alive, well I'm going . Enough find him, I am. Replaces knows and sees the pleasure of God for the police and gendarmerie to notify'm asking you , \"he said .


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