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  • 25 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 14:46

Mothers, was described Proper Nutrition Form

Mothers, was described Proper Nutrition Form
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Army 75 Kindergarten students in the age group 4-5 years by their mothers"Mother, Child and Nutrition'' was organized seminar.

Ordu news: Army 75 Year Kindergarten by the 4-5 age group of students to their mother"Mother, Child and Nutrition'' was organized seminar.
Army 75th Anniversary of the nursery education room the seminar Medical Park Ordu Hospital Nutrition and Diet Expert Ebru PyroGlu Durgut with a psychologist Nagihan Streams 's participated as a speaker.
"Mother, Child and Nutrition'' on semen Speaking at the Nutrition and Diet Expert Ebru PyroGlu and Psychologists Nagihan River in children often made nutrition mistakes and correct diet tricks of the mothers have shared with. Experts made their presentations after the mothers they want to learn subjects questions by asking questions, sought answers to.
mother from the children of the most ' do not eat nothing 'or' Eating to help it not only as' close stating Nutrition and Diet Expert Ebru PyroGlu Durgut in his speech,"Usually, pediatricians, dieticians, psychologists solution to this problem in being forced. Loss of appetite or overeating criteria for the child's eating or food selection behavior of the How a health problem caused by the shape. Children in every period the same growth rate does not show. 1-5 years in childhood growth rate compared to the personal privileges, your appetite decreases and increases. Studies appetite of mechanisms related to the child's need to grow the factors under the influence showed that"he said
"Every child does not eat as much as you want as you want,"he said psychologist if Nagihan Streams :"A with the worry, which falls on everything they refuse to property owners is. you eating at the food remember that. your children you yedirmeyin de courses a wonder they do not. Only every child as you want as you want, do not eat. Accept it . But you think could be better. you focus if you have created food situation by supporting a more systematic and accurate communication:this situation can be overcome. child's eating habits she received counseling yourself well about the many unless the mirror will hold. because children your reflection is your. Eating may not be eating to continue or other problems also depends on you,"he said.

Mothers, was described Proper Nutrition Form" comments for.


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