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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 16:18

Müezzinoğlu Ministers , the Ministry has with its employees Bayramlaşma

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Health Minister Dr.

Ankara news: Mehmet Müezzinoğlu Ministry bayramlaştı with employees . Müezzinoğlu , the feast of the fraternal sharing the most heavily experienced in the days , he said .
Ministry headquarters made ​​in the holy ceremony speech at the Ministerial Müezzinoğlu , unity and togetherness is the symbol of the Feast of Sacrifice at the core of solidarity and sharing takes place , said:\"Eid al-Adha brothers share together, that there is the name . these festivals the world, in every corner of our brothers and sisters remember their trouble with worrying , happy to share their demands .'s Day only meat but pure emotions shared unique one day , \"he said .
Bayramlaşma activities such as working in institutions between the friendship and bond of brotherhood reinforce that reminding Müezzinoğlu , \"Today we esteemed colleagues Among its requirements are doing . together with you to be holy this beautiful day even makes sense ,\"he said.
holiday and overtime will make health personnel forgetting Minister Müezzinoğlu , health workers citizens healthy and peaceful in order to celebrate the feast in an environment that would be added again at the beginning of overtime . Müezzinoğlu holy ministry with employees individually , found in chocolate , and gave gifts .

Müezzinoğlu Ministers , the Ministry has with its employees Bayramlaşma" comments for.


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