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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:49

Müftülüt the Conscious Education for the Future

Müftülüt the Conscious Education for the Future
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Düzce Provincial Mufti continues to Family Guidance Bureau of Religious and educational activities.

Düzce news: Over the past few years \"Peaceful Family peaceful society \"project-based under the name \"Adult Education Program\"was added this year to work with starting a new one. \"Conscious Education for the Future\"project organized under the name of neighborhood-oriented aims of adult education. Photo Previous year school-based studies largely interested While this year's project mosques and Koran schools get the attention of the local people to be more focused on increased . Mufti Selami adsorbent headed and Training Specialist Necmettin first application area of ​​the project carried out by the coordinator of the Lamb has been identified as Çamköy neighborhood .
Particular training opportunities in and Çamköy neighborhood first region at the request of giving them priority in the private study of deprived Roma community for some reason Necmettin Lamb said determined ; \"This year, entered service Çamköy TOKI Mosque with Çamköy TOKI Quran Course centric made ​​therein people's religious study, moral, social , family, health, education, disaster and harmful habits in 6 institutions held extensive participation and collaboration with Adult Education Program every week Wednesday 11:19 against 30 in women:in 00 are held for men \", he said . Photo Adult Education Project, Provincial Mufti especially , Provincial Police , Provincial Public Health Office, Provincial Family and Social Policy Directorate of Provincial National Education Directorate and the Provincial Disaster and experts in the field covered by organized project with the fellowship of the Emergency Department was assigned 50 educators . Photo fIRST tRAINING from MÜFTÜLER Photo initial training Mufti Selami adsorbent was held at the mosque by Çamköy TOKI .'Unity, solidarity and brotherhood'in dealt with the subject of the program , although many mosques in the center , which emphasized the importance of starting the Çamköy of the project's first leg Quarter Mufti Selami adsorbent \"Today we started here is an important study . Our Düzce under the Education project name for Conscious Future We want to benefit as much as possible from the education of our esteemed family that trains future opportunities. Most of our families were deprived of education opportunities for some reason . Today is not seen possible special center or take increasing training courses . We also training under this project organized by our friends , we aim to bring you to your feet. experts in the field we expect from you educators by no provision has become waiting for the mobilization program is follow the . this together with your spouse program that evening started and bring your own religion if you continue increasing a person , moral, social , you can get in areas such as education , you will find peace in your life that you arrange through education. Especially next novel generation of more informed , as the owner of a greater share of higher quality and have the opportunities the environment will contribute to the future of our nation , \"he said . Photo coming years, which will be completed in April end of the project Happy Birthday widely attended Friday of the week there will be a program. Kutlu Born to be held under the immunization program training project finally as though the same day Çamköy TOKI neighborhood mosque with Çamköy TOKI Quran will be held in course of the opening . Photo Nevertheless , project coordinator of educational experts Necmettin education based on information obtained from Lamb 2/3 percent for the trainees who participated after the morning prayer breakfast will be followed in the Eyup Sultan mosque in Istanbul will be held at the trip.

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