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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:25

Muğla Museum Botanic Park-end

Muğla Museum Botanic Park-end
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Muğla Municipality Department of Agricultural Services Salih flood Çetibeli neighborhood of Marmaris Çamlı and about 500 plant species found in the area where the Botanic Garden and Plant Museum has announced that it takes work to build .

Muğla news:
primary school age children in the project , which will be held promotional tour with trips , nature-plants , application in greenhouse planting seeds of their own children , will have the opportunity to grow their own plants indicating the flood ; \"Create a Botanical Park with tourists and citizens for the natural environment in the leisure, entertainment area creation and visitors , especially school children plant to recognize the nature tend to increase , and love of nature to inoculate our greatest targets one . Park in our climbing trails, trees on the rope trails, as well as entertainment areas will be. Moreover be created local stands and areas and especially foreign tourists of our culture introduced will ensure that , \"he said .
Botanical park projects , especially in Mugla endemic and protected species will also be included each individually labeled plants where the herbarium , as well as one Total temperate climate plants and indoor ornamental plants, greenhouses , 2 application greenhouse , 1 aquatic plants, pond , 1 rock garden and moss garden , 1 local products/organic-ecological products display and point of sale , 1 local handicrafts exhibition and point of sale , 1 nomad Tent and car-ware , 1 cafeteria and recreation area , 1 adventure, trail ( woods , in the area ), 1 climbing wall, car parking , rest areas for our citizens to be allocated \"Hobby Gardens \"will take place.


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