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  • 21 Ekim 2013, Pazartesi 12:06

Muhammad Sazak 'ENE' novel took place on the shelves

Muhammad Sazak 'ENE' novel took place on the shelves
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Muhammad Sazak 'ENE''s book was presented to the readers.

author, the problem of alienation of modern man, in his book re-examines its own unique style.

ENE, 'I', 'you' and 'O', although the name of a novel consisting of three separate stories, each department has its own features that may be a story.

Roman, From the moment you notice the loneliness of the journey where the hero named Ali begins. Ali, weird people faced during the journey, thanks to the latest events going through the town where there lived mystical resolving many events of life.

Muhammad Sazak purpose in writing the novel, as a form of analysis identifies the problems faced and the observed events. Charles Baudelaire's 'Foreign' after reading the poem 'ENE' stated that the author decided to write a novel, loneliness urge a sense of alienation and death, wrote that the novel expresses the mood.

Sazak,"Loneliness be alone \ stay in solitude may seem like a misfire can be said that the definition of interest to us. But there is little more to be examined, I would say that there is nothing other than an attempt to call the question."he says.

Muhammad Sazak 'ENE' novel took place on the shelves" comments for.


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