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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 22:33

Muharram Activity in Küçükmece

Muharram Activity in Küçükmece
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Muharram events in the context of Küçükçekmece'deki Erkan Mutlu, gave a concert consisting of Turkish folk music and hymns .

İstanbul news: Concert Küçükçekmece whirling and whirling dervish show was an unforgettable evening. Photo Küçükçekmece Municipality Muharram events organized within the scope of the Sefaköy Cultural Center Erkan Mutlu concert. In a series of concerts with whirling and whirling dervish shows Muharram and Karbala martyrs commemorated . Received great applause from citizens whirling and whirling dervish show in concert synthesis . Young read-aged hundreds of concert Küçükçekmece Join Sufi music and whirling songs in one .
Islamic world of Muharram indicating that celebrate Küçükçekmece Mayor Basic Black , \"Muharram is an important month for all Muslims. It is known that the month of Muharram in the many historic it is rumored that event. We know closely the particular Karbala events in the month of Muharram as Muslims . came Muslims face to face with a bitter incident subject here . the grandson of our Prophet in Karbala, was martyred with his family. Muslims in the entire Muslim world with the end of this event deeply affecting the Prophet us and his Ahl against more skin began to feel the love. We have also organized a program we live our love flame name today she love Based on this sentence . Dear artists will Erkan happy with us. We call for hope people listening to it will be the occasion of the renewal of love , \"he said . Photo on the other hand citizens participating in the concert , thanking the night due to Küçükçekmece Municipality , said they were happy.

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