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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 23:58

Muharram vaccine at the Presidential Palace

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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, \"of every inch of our vast geography in recent years that it is almost a Karbala regret is observed , 1375 then we are in a deep beam shipwrecks for a geography that every inch of Karbala ,\"he said .

Ankara news: Photo President Erdogan gave iftar at the Presidential Palace on the occasion of the month of Muharram Alevis . This Ramadan , made ​​history as the first guests of the new Presidential building. Photo Speaking at the program , President Erdogan , the words \"Dear souls , primarily this holy Muharram greet evening at heart you are muhabbetlerimil , grab you are fasting, petition would be accepted in the rights of worship that you make solid heart \"he began . Photo Erdogan,\"We Ramadan-i-Sharif and then get a Muharram more carry the Lord our praise-ur gratitude are . Muharram fasting of Prophet Muhammad informing us that the most virtuous fasting after Ramadan is fasting, peace be upon them salat-u . in the 61 years Hijri , 10 Muharram Day, who was martyred in Karbala Hazrat Hussein , our Lord and Ahl al-Bayt martyrdom of once again kei should patrol the year 1375. modestly and respectfully yadda goes on, Allah peace, mercy and blessings of Hussein we call Lord and get the Ahl al-Bayt on . Oppressed , victim and martyr Hussein master our with another of earrings hung next cubits today that Hazrat Hasan Efendi and our fathers Shah-i-mers from God's Lions Aliyyül Murteza our Lord is also respectfully yadda , we say get on them greetings of Allah , \"he said .
\" 10 Muharram aN exemplary is HISTORY \"Photo \"Dear souls , so the catastrophe in Karbala, 10 Muharram 1375 before we were embroidered as an incident pain to the memory of Muslims ,\"said Erdogan, \"You are very good 10 Muharram you know, not only in the history of humanity on the occasion of Karbala , the prophets also known as history has occurred in many important events in history. Prophet was that accept Adam's repentance today , which divides the Prophet Moses Alehisselatüvessela marine today , Jesus came today from Joseph wells , Prophet Noah's Ark of that Cudia at a 10 Muharram day , Jesus Aleyhissalatüvessela 10 born in Muharram again 10 taken to the skies in Muharram , Hazrat Eyyüp Aleyhissalatüvessela my 10 is rumored that healed from the disease in Muharram , \"he said. photo 10 Muharram is a sign of history and Stating that the date of issuance of the biggest lessons of humanity , he said:\"The Prophet Adam as my heaven to be removed from a large trial Aleyhissalatüvessela 10 Muharram passed by repentance . I'm the tyranny of Pharaoh, Moses Aleyhissalatüvessela a 10 day Muharram is survived splitting of the sea. I Aleyhissalatüvessela Prophet Noah , the flood not only in the inner freed from a brutal 10 days of Muharram . Rapture in the betrayal of Jesus , as a result suffered Aleyhissalatüvesselam took place in a 10 Muharram . Undoubtedly, it is a lesson for our Lord Hussein Aleyhissalatüvessela and Ahl 10 until these events in the disaster in the history of mankind suffered in Muharram is also a sign documents and humanity. Photo Hazrat Hussein I Aleyhissalatüvessela has taught us the difference between good and bad with her life that puts the right way . Hazrat Hussein showed us a 10-day Muharram rights and the fight against superstition . It is the sacrifice of Karbala us , cefakarlıg , rights has also taught perseverance and patience. But most of us avoid corruption Hazrat Hussein in Karbala sacrificed life , stay away from the discord that has been taught that the unity and brotherhood. Karbala common history and memory in our extremely painful but extremely exemplary is an event full of wisdom with deepprofound lesson . \"Photo Erdogan, \"Dear souls , I regret that the Prophet Hussein's exemplary lectures given by revealing their lives in Karbala good unread , well taught , unlearned , were administered. Serialized Karbala Hazrat Hussein is not contrary exemplary brotherhood means of lectures given by our Lord . Serialized extract from Karbala is standing next to Yazid . The removal of brotherhood that brotherhood course in Karbala Hazrat is to stop Hussein and Ahl al-Bayt's next , \"he said .
\" THE SIGNS OF HUSSAIN our LORD , Martyrs Well TITLE OF KUŞANIRK the sUCH TEFRİKAT NEVER dID NOT dESIRE \"Photo Full 1375 years , Hazrat Hussein and that Erdogan Ahl lamenting burned , said:\"1375 years of Karbala suffering more happened yesterday we keep warm as our memory. We shed tears with 1375 years of pain. But what is a big contrast to the almost 1375 years asuras every day , almost every day we live in Karbala and over again . Here's a mix of all of our vast geography in recent years that almost one Karbala is observed with regret , after 1375 , we are a deep beam shipwrecks for a geography that every inch of Karbala . We are a landscape very well what we know of the existing landscape Hazrat Hasan Hüseyin what our Lord nor Aliyyül Murteza our Lord nor His Messenger sallallahu Aleyhiveselle Ekrem I would approve of our Lord . Hazrat Hussein did not dear Lord for such a view , while heroic lives. Hazrat Hussein Lord,'martyrs were sayyids'title kuşanırk he never desired that such a serialized . Then'what is this'I need to ask ,'where are we going'I need to ask ourselves . Before then our brother dearly ourselves'What is this state , \"he ask ourselves , most powerful way we have to question this state . \"

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