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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 13:32

Muharrem Yilmaz:"Democratization should be crowned with the New Constitution"

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TUSIAD Chairman Muharrem Yilmaz, with regard to the dissolution of the Constitutional Commission,"Turkey's first civilian, democratic constitution, do not miss the point was a big disappointment,"he said.

İstanbul news:
TÜSIAD and Sabanci University, Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) held at the"Democracy Institutionalization and Sustainability"conference Speaking at the Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TUSIAD) Chairman Muharrem Yilmaz, TÜSIAD 20 years in Turkey for democratic standards in raising numerous reports, opinions and seminar work, they said, many NGOs in Turkey the development of democracy valuable contribution and that long thin road work continues to have said.
democracy is always protected and developed to be a gain must be understood as believe in voicing Muharrem Yilmaz,"Democracy in the field of gains made permanent to be made to the discussion of the institutionalization and sustainability axes should be, I think. Democracy institutionalization of democratic institutions, rules and practices of the settlement and stabilization is required. This framework of powers that country's conditions and historical experience determined based within a system compatible with each other as processing becomes important. your system it is a must design the society's pluralist structure reflects, whether problems turning into crisis can control from the get and wheels without breaking could work,"he said.
democratic system, pluralism principle in two dimensions is applied describing Yilmaz,"The first of these different ideas and ideologies exist together, to be represented, constitutional protection and be guaranteed, meaning ideological pluralism is. Secondly, political will, which reveals the state will reveal the institutions and bodies that control a portion of the elected come the organs and institutions of the formed institutional pluralism is the size. Their democracy are indispensable elements"he said.
Yilmaz, therefore, the traditional separation of powers based on checks and balances, as well as NGOs, media organizations, universities, local governments, public auditors as autonomous institutions the constitutional guarantees should be under,"he said.
STATE OF LAW sine qua non of judicial review is
Democracy of the state of the institutional structure of law is built upon and the rule of law based on human rights, which protects, strengthens and the state, which itself is connected with the rules Yılmaz he continued:"H Ukuku sine qua non of government operations and actions of the government is subject to the supervision of the independent judiciary. At this point the core of democracy is individual and not the individual who is the process of the democratization process. Individual rights and freedoms, immunities, protection of the individual from the state and society pressure we see as the sine qua non of democracy. Even the day we think of democracy achieved this file will be closed and the task ahead of us is always will look better. Social development level by continuously raising more individuals trained, qualified to render the individual's culture of democracy maturation in demand democracy alive will hold."
Yilmaz, democracy, sustainable elements of one of the individual's consciousness of democracy, noting that sustainability of democracy in ensuring political actors compromise the intent and the culture of democracy development will have significant expression that Muharrem Yilmaz,"Politicians their own ideologies advocating stylistic tension of the cause is not the duty of care also decreases. When we look at Turkey's democratization process did not receive this issue we see addressed in a holistic manner. The 1982 Constitution, the first comprehensive and serious changes were made since 1995, even in the early 1990s 141, 142 and 163 material changes since the numerous laws, rules, regulations, changes have been made. Becoming more democratic tried many things on the basis of legislation. Turkey's democratization accumulation with the new constitution crowning would be expected,"he said.
in Parliament of all political parties in 2011 elections before the new constitution promised that reminds Yilmaz, his speech continued :"T ll parties participation and equal representation established by the Constitutional Reconciliation Commission, established from the day in society, a new constitution expectancy keeps them, and this expectation in return from the community at large as we had seen. To create a new constitution will end up in the direction of the commission's activities descriptions, prospects for democratization sensations appeared in the rising period. Turkey's first civilian, democratic constitution, do not miss the point was actually a huge disappointment. This will be no small obstruction, a bottleneck that is not glossed over. Party representatives associate it with the attitude of congestion each other, even after 18 months will be held after the general election process will occur in're in evaluations for transfer to parliament. This attitude democratic standards and steps to the sincerity, the reality severely into question."
Yilmaz, the past 6 years desired a new constitution, each of the size discussed by explaining,"Now for the new constitution to deal with me're going? Re academies, institutions, and citizens will motivate how thrilling? If a new constitution need or why is the society so with this issue for so long have been engaged?"He asked.
All matters in the short term compromise, the difficulty also need to be adopted Yilmaz stated,"The Commission and our parties our concerns troubleshooting wait for our right. Take back our country, we thought our future rather than shed light on the agenda 21 I would prefer to be discussing century constitution. Turkey's new constitution needs to be left to the future parliament and 24 period captured by Parliament in the next 1.5 years of this opportunity in the best way we wish to evaluate. Parliament will delegate this responsibility assumed by an institution, organization is not. I'm afraid to postpone the process will mean that the only time you lose."

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