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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 16:01

Mukhtar was met with Governor Flower

Mukhtar was met with Governor Flower
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Hinge-service training seminars organized for District Headman Speaking at the Governor Amir Flower, \"You carry the will of our citizens , you can represent them .

Muğla news: Their representative duties and responsibilities that fall to you for more . On the basis of this task and the task that people all together , I think it should be done in a friendly manner . There are three essential responsibilities:One is the voice of conscience . You sound when you listen to your conscience bother you , you are not doing your job well . Secondly, the target audience is the satisfaction of our citizens . Third , which are responsible for a strong Turkey is happiness and peace of the neighborhood . Here , we bring together these three and we tried everything becomes easy with this logic . None of our authority is not empty. Authorities have value , but the authorities would have to work . Authorities of people does not add value , \"he said .
In the village drinking water, roads and other services KOYDES under the good work done stressed that Governor Flower:\"With conviction towards your business does , without distinction , if you try unity of thought and perseverance everything becomes easy . Village Support Project in Turkey has changed the face of our village . Brought in very good condition . For years, he made ​​roads, bridges, drinking water, sewage and other infrastructure were made through this project . Democratization better and nicer places to bring the local authority to be given , \"he said.
A holistic approach to development, a move In the event of Muğla better rendered , adding that the Governor Flower:\"Our task ; Muğla's 12 thousand 866 thousand 665 citizens living in the 889.77 sq km is able to happy . Opinions , thoughts , places where they live , their economic status , religious beliefs , races may be different , but we're getting Muğla considered as a whole . Our citizens ; increased level of prosperity , modern management has taken very well capable of using democratic rights , as Muglali intend to live . Will give priority to education . Education is very important for us . Our priority will be education . What are you up security units güçlendirirse reinforce how much economic opportunity if you give , believe uneducated people can not do anything , \"he said .
Muğla's Metropolitan because the village headman of the local elections after mukthar voicing hinge Governor Zeki Arslan said:\"our hinge connected to the central district town 48 at 4 pm we had our village . March 30 After the selection of the hinge with the City of villages and towns in the neighborhood after converting 66 neighborhoods with department of public administration is , \"he said .
Population, Safety , Family and Social Policy as the headman closely aware of the issues to focus on emphasizing the need hinge Governor Armstrong:\"legislation heavy , albeit badly rules a good practitioner without regard to any grievance may interpret legislation . For timely delivery of the right practitioners should work correctly and effectively . Our goal is worthy of all the people of the hinge is to serve , \"he said .

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