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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:07

Municipality of Edremit \"e-municipality \"Installing System

Municipality of Edremit \
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E-municipality system in the Municipality of Edremit Implementation began to work for the necessary infrastructure .

Balıkesir news: First, the Metropolitan Act required closing the Municipality of Edremit transferred to the towns and villages in the registration information by editing a single record the merge process to do .
Edremit Mayor Kamil Sakai took office after the stones gradually settling begins . Mayor Kamil Sakai's instructions electronically by the municipality with the Directorate of Information Technology ( E-municipal ) have started to work for Implementation . Data Processing Department officials on the subject , the \"6360 Metropolitan Law numbered in accordance with legal personality ending when Edremit Municipality transferred to the Edremit , Gure , Edremit , olives and Kadıköy Municipality and the municipality to be transferred former villages on the record information that the taxpayers of our record information only registration number as to combine work began. Legal personality , which ended in towns and villages, the citizens council came to see us , or 0266 374 44 44 telephone number , fax, e-mail all kinds of communication tools municipality registry service reaching record information to update the invite , \"they said . Municipal Services in the building created record in the service taxpayer information updating until Christmas will continue and , since 2015 citizens'council on payments over the Internet in order to mount that allows e-municipality application is aimed to be stated that . Edremit Mayor Kamil Saka, Edremit contemporary and brand into a city to bring technology to offer a range of possibilities in the best way to exploit the desire , said:\"Citizens of our municipalities most easily accessible for the e-municipality application passed to the purpose of computing by the Directorate necessary studies began. Metropolitan law should be closed old our towns the taxpayer information to update the registry service have created . required upgrades and infrastructure preparation after completion of the e-municipality application into service going . our citizens , particularly payments to municipalities in all types of business and transactions on the internet can access e-municipality application in 2015 we intend to put into practice , \"he said .

Municipality of Edremit \"e-municipality \"Installing System" comments for.


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