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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 09:39

Municipality Silifkeli Mukhtar Meets Heads of Department

Municipality Silifkeli Mukhtar Meets Heads of Department
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Silifke Mukhtar Association President Vital Mediterranean , village headmen Head of Department at the Municipality brought together .

Mersin news: Silifke Mukhtar Association President Vital Mediterranean , village headmen and the Municipality, the Department brought together the .
Silifke'nin districts elected headman of the services to be informed about the purpose and Mukhtar Association meeting was held. Meeting MHP Silifke District Chairman Osman Oguz, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Silifke and virtuous Coordinator in charge of Department Erkan Beekeeper , Environmental Protection and Control Department Head Ali Riza Bozkurt , Fire Department President Mehmet Maples, MHP Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and Silifke municipal council members and district headmen joined .
neighborhood with a lot of the problem is and correcting the problems at the point of those responsible know who they are they therefore such a meeting stating that they Mukhtar Association President Vital Mediterranean, \"headmen our services beginning with people Introduces wanted . neighborhood a lot of our problems but headman no we can not process . especially in the summer approaching with drinking water problems we are experiencing . these problems in our beer before the dissolution are dedicated , \"he said .
Silifke'nin neighborhoods through with the street and with the problems well versed former Special Administrative Director Erkan beekeeper and still Silifke trained in relief of our brother , son , Ali Riza Bozkurt be at the Municipal Department , we are very happy. In relief savvy Head of our services done at the point of greatest support are welcome, \"he said.
New Metropolitan with the law a lot of services Mersin Metropolitan Municipality made ​​that tells the MHP District Chairman Osman Oguz, \"our people with the support of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality have earned . Silifke people also gave great support . These supports will return to serve you . Be sure of that , \"he said .
Mukhtar Association for organizing such a meeting, the President said Vital Mediterranean would like to thank Alex,\"from where the newly elected and appointed village headmen would like to congratulate all ongoing . Our village was the neighborhood with the new law . Thereafter Municipality services to neighborhoods and municipalities, to be made by Silifke . We've set the MHP as a party room in our building . Every Friday, Assembly members headman demand from our evaluate and to the appropriate authorities will be delivered , \"he said .
Silifke'nin every neighborhood and street problems of you know very well that expresses Silifke Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and Head of Department Coordinator in charge of virtuous Erkan Beekeeper , \"before that I was serving in in relief . God made ​​us a fortune to participate in the metropoles of Special Administration Burhanettin with the Chairman has made us responsible for Silifke and virtuous . These days I am happiness . Not working out 8-10 hours then 24 hours we will take successful business . Construct and services needed to make even our most remote corners will do our best to deliver . About 4 days county chairman in relief issues , in consultation with our municipal councilors would . Know it by heart problems . But the first five of you urgently a note to your problem if we want to transmit . We evaluate our services in the first emergency needs will continue in that direction . Aksıfat drinking water project was inadequate and Uzuncaburç how the heavens may enter the processing of position at the point in the pump MESKI have established contact our Head of Department . MESKI will now operate with the establishment of the units here . In our neighborhood, we need the patch . We will discuss them in turn to hot asphalt . We are trying our lessons well . You guys will be next. We have the ball , we have the service . We this day do not leave you all for separate separately thank you , \"he said .
\"The meeting heard from Ankara to my feet with the dust to you and in relief to better serve've come to , \"he Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department Head Ali Riza Booth, \"on March 30 given by the great support you guys Burhanettin Kocamaz Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor was . God bless you all . Burhanettin Chairman will manage Mersin Mersin and so it began to be said . And the children of the district of Mersin , we are pleased serve as sons . Our President has appointed for us, the people of Mersin . Problems , even with people who know the task dignified future for the construction of Mersin went out on the road . Once the bunc do our duty and services that harness the remotest will deliver to . These days, not leaving us alone for coming up here and we bring you together with our esteemed headman Mukhtar vital Mediterranean Association would like to thank our President , \"he said .

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