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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:56

Municipality Yahyalı New Excavator

Municipality Yahyalı New Excavator
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Mayor elections on March 30 with the selected Esat Ozturk entered a rapid change Yahyalı Municipality, backhoe excavator fleet to the floor where the 22-ton capacity , was introduced at the meeting held at the Republic Square Yahyalı .

Kayseri news: Photo councilors , municipal staff , political party representatives and a large number of citizen participation Esat Speaking at the presentation meeting held by Ozturk, \"20-year municipal Our experience has shown that the municipality you work if you work the machine will be easier.\"tool on hand with meals \"our ancestors says. Almighty Allah be praised that we are experiencing the joy of giving a new backhoe our fleet . I , our Yahyalıl citizens along with my colleagues , we thank our God that embody this joy , we praise ,\"he said . he came to
Task Yahyalı Council's vehicle fleet at the time of the second graders , 1 rubber bucket , 2 cylinder , 3 JCB backhoe loaders, gave information about the President , saying that the truck 4 wheel newly acquired Esat Ozturk . President Öztürk , \"Our consultations result of operating weight of 22.6 tonnes , with 162 horsepower and have a completely domestic production of construction machinery as encouraged Prime Minister . The excavators we received 300 thousand TL with leasing system, 3 different with hammer and grooving feature function for your convenience. it is also very efficient in terms of fuel . I would like to thank the family here Özkoyuncu . in the days when I first came to the task in which we say that our truck shortcoming Özkoyuncu the family had a truck grant our City . our ancestors \"Not the walls with one stone ,\"they said . We Yahyalımızl to , our businessmen, our artisans , we will grow with you. here will be our a gratitude in my councilors . we took a joint decision with the dredge intake as 15 council members of our all of them. the opposition who did not. this decision of our municipal councilors and today by leaving us here alone , I would like to thank everyone who participated in the meeting. \"he finished his words, \"he said . After the prayer offered in Photo Collectively , the sacrifice was for new construction machinery. President Esat Ozturk, after the ribbon cutting with the guests who attended the meeting , excavator newly acquired did a short demonstration participants.

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