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  • 27 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 11:20

Murat from the cloud'One Drop Heves'album

Murat from the cloud'One Drop Heves'album
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A thief who stole money from an ATM clip his singer announced the name Murat Bulut, has signed a new album .

Samsun news:
music life and album which is providing information about Murat Bulut, \"In the 1990s her work connected music studio , own my songs started to prepare . in 2002'received word'the song of my albums are not included in the professionalism, the first step I took . Artifacts I album offers to take the occasion was . offers in line started to work . lengthy album ride the necessary strides edilemeyince the road my own means continuing decided , \"he said .
in 2011 albums for the costs of reserve money that a portion of the ATM is stolen , the thief songs written and music videos reminiscent Cloud , \"Thief of clip post titled video news releases and internet agenda was . Thus fame trial testing had the opportunity . a music channel prepared by the program'I'm moving this city', a song called guest with you. News material without also , I realized I could come up in my art . 2,012 annual'enthusiasm for a drop'the song , I was dedicated to anti-violence project responsibilities . Project manager with the appointment of a public official work elsewhere was interrupted . Project on behalf of the effort to go to waste , broadcast TV channels in various regions of Turkey with the support of the project demonstration video I made . I could not find the expected impact nationally , participate in a talent contest , I prepared I was able to watch the clip to a wide audience . Arrangements Arranger Sönmezocak belonging to Serkan ,'Patience'and'enthusiasm for a drop'of the song ( Eleni Plaque ) Fantastic Candan , attracted the attention and reached an agreement for maxi singles .'Enthusiasm for a drop called'Our album came out as of today , \"he said .

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