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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:28

Murat Ülker:\"More Degel the country \"

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Yıldız Holding Chairman Murat Ülker United is more valuable than Ülker Biscuits and United Biscuits said that the $ 200 million annual investment plan, including factories.

İstanbul news: Photo Yıldız Holding yesterday announced that it has acquired the world's sixth largest biscuit manufacturer United Biscuits . Today held a press conference on the subject of Yıldız Holding Chairman Murat Ülker , stressed that financed 60 percent of the purchase themselves . Said loan will be used for the rest of the country . So far as multipliers country also said it was worth more than Ülker United Biscuits . Murat Ülker investment by providing information about plans for United Biscuits said the factory , including that $ 200 million annual investment plans.
United Biscuits , indicating that the not 70 years of experience with the capital of the country, \"As you can appreciate , this news was not just about our company. our industry and it was nice for our country. the way to Istanbul threw Yesterday signature , I had my mind father. he told me a story. when installing the Pleiades with my uncle , \"I've done the right thing \"I wonder if he has undergone through . God bless to him and his uncle . Dear my father he did so right on ; a world from Turkey took third company. Because this building rose from basic sound has taken him. do not think we got our I say ; United Biscuits capital. this 184 year old company took our 70 years of experience. in making this investment, we measured we reap , we examine the figures with jewelery rigor. the factory we visited , we went to Afrikaya'da Nigeria, we look to India. blah London, days , nights meetings we did, we investigated . Why ? because ; We wanted to let the most accurate . Figures and research , reports, blah , all that aside I Die , the latest decision'biscuits process of our instincts'gave . Because we are the master of the biscuits. Because we have stayed at a big business discipline heritage. Because we have just seen that we can work to achieve . because ; How to start from the beginning that if we have one in Turkey are now ready to be third in the world. Of course , we are to be the first name in the world. \"Speaking at the meeting , Yıldız Holding CFO Photo Cem Karakas, United Biscuits in the process of obtaining said they gave the commitment of the transfer will take 10 days.

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