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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:45

Muratpaşa White And Aesthetic Period

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Mayor Umit Muratpasa Uysal, said it would have an aesthetic appearance of new buildings in the county .

Antalya news: Uysal, buildings will be painted white , day save heat and will be found at an invisible point of the air conditioning unit. Photo Konyaalti Mayor Ümit Uysal, Antalya Businessmen's Association ( AntiAd ) held at Accra Gunpowder assessment attended the meeting . President Uysal, shared 6 months of service in time future targets left behind in meeting with businessmen. During Photo Selection that he had said and underlined the need to keep the promise Uysal, \"We promised about Kırca my plan. The first month we finished a plan with 600 people. we finished the draft. for that pass through Parliament a draft. we have kept the promise the first month will be made public on our grand plan. we sit at the table with Doğalgazcı on . in the county in 2017 we want gas to be completed in all neighborhoods. gas, electricity company, and we do compliance meetings as municipalities.'re doing construction work in the breeze. Sidewalks are you're doing . Art're doing on the streets. Quarter neighborhood they become available, we'll do the work . we are in constant harmony. we do not want to be continually excavated in the same neighborhood. the first month we made ​​progress on these two points , \"he said . Photo Kircak my'< strong> YE fIRST digging Photo of the grand plans made five grand master development plan according to the Antalya Metropolitan mentioning that implemented after the approval of the Municipal Council Uysal, \"June , July and shot like digging . Process can be completed this summer, \"he said . Photo Uysal, a businessman , to the question about what happens when the event of execution of the court decision , he replied:\"Fear has no natural death benefits . Do not try so I decided to go to court ? Court decisions are always risks . He will not say we do not work. We are trying . 40 per cent of planners do not follow it , he said. First we said we will obey . Produce municipal parcel Parcel We have no problem to give such . Get proper city. There is no shortage of casualties. We sleep 40 percent. We promised we're obsessed. We also grows raised in November and our friends . Will be shot digging in June \"Photo DAY HEAT AND AIR CONDITIONING UNITS will APPEAR Photo Hope Uysal, said they are preparing an important regulations to eliminate the visual pollution in Muratpaşa . Not be canceled and appeal within the legal time for voicing public statements so far Uysal, was continued as follows:\"Today is the 60th day, and I explain to the public that the trial period is over . After Muratpaşa in the heat of the day will be hidden . If you start building you have to make a white. We talk so they sued . Solar panels , satellite dishes , air conditioning outdoor units to be reserved in case . They have to make them in order to receive a settlement permit . \"Photo NEW BUILDING THE WHITE COLOR MUST Photo buildings in which records will be mandatory for the white color usage tame this purpose, a street buildings will paint the municipality to set an example he noted. Uysal said they think sanctions in the direction of the implementation of the new rules in the existing structure .
EVERY qUARTER EQUAL sERVICE Photo District'rear quarters do not receive the service that transfers he is an illusion , Uysal words he continued:\"two-thirds of Muratpaşa was the point where its not good service . In this approach we want to eliminate . We take service to every neighborhood social justice participatory management approach. There are 500 miles of streets. I intend to develop the mandate is within reconsider and sidewalks all neighborhoods asphalt for . \"Photo MODERN MARKET PLACE President said that they consider
market places Uysal, \"Market places were a lot of people's hands. A long and arduous process of expropriation waiting for us. Parking find a solution to the problem, we build a modern market place that respond to social activities. Off Market This market can give examples of the waterfall . We are going to move non-functioning market places , \"he said .
street children were REMEMBER Photo Muratpaşa on the street growing children leave they will tame the President underlined , said:\"This we open the first one daycare center. This number will reach 15 . We will work outside the region who purchased services . 200 will give you free next to the service at a reasonable price such as pounds. Muratpaşa, there will be no children living on the streets in two years. \"Photo FREE INTERNET Photo Laundry and taxi stops Ümit Uysal noted kavuşturacaklarını a certain standard , free internet to regional and parking is more of the human circulation they would put the use of services from the next years , he said.
< strong> stray animals will NOT Photo stray animals for adoption festivals President noted that they wanted to do Uysal, \"will not stray animals in Muratpaşa within 2-3 years. We will take serious measures regarding those besmirch the dog in the street. Those who dislike the animal lovers will take measures they can live in peace , \"he said .
President Uysal, the basis for the opera house gave this winter at will as well Yeşildere neighborhood of Haci Bektas the good news that they will build cultural center. Each neighborhood children walk can be from voicing their open study centers Uysal, \"Three we're the neighborhood swimming pool . City life changer developers basically we continue our work , \"he said .

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