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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 11:13

Mus Marijuana And Non-Operation

Mus Marijuana And Non-Operation
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Mus Police Department by teams, as a result of the work done 7 thousand 290 packages to 16 pounds bandrolsüz non leakage customs seized 395 grams of cannabis herb were reported.

Muş news: Mus Security Directorate teams, by the work done as a result of 7 thousand 290 package bandrolsüz non leakage customs with the 16 weight 395 grams of cannabis herb seized were reported.
Regarding subject Provincial Security Directorate said in a statement, Mus across the customs leakage selling cigarettes , mediating or transmitting criminal networks and directed at individuals attempted and effective the struggle within the framework and drug-stimulating agents, producing, selling mediating or transporting the drugs provide facilitating especially young people to drug use accustom criminal networks and directed at individuals initiated studies continued were recorded.
statement,"Smuggling and Organized Crime (KOM) Branch teams, by in a vehicle in the controls made a total of 7 thousand 290 package bandrolsüz non leakage customs seizing the relevant KK named individuals were apprehended individuals about SKM 5607 crime under the legal procedure was performed. Alder district, the vacant land waiting and cases suspected of SYEÇ., CA and Y. C. named individuals and their terrain and the said party of the Y. C. 's residence made in the search A total of 16 pounds 395 grams of drug cannabis herb seized and individuals were detained. connection with the incident detained persons SY unless and Y. C. arrested our province to prison have been delivered. our province all sorts of crimes and offenses against the appearance of our struggle will be continued,"he was given.

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