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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 24 Nisan 2014, Perşembe 10:57

Museums established , shedding light on the Black Sea

Museums established , shedding light on the Black Sea
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Army officials at the University Turcologist Assoc.

Ordu news: Army officials at the University Turcologist Assoc. Dr. . Ismail Dogan Karadeniz Technical University, was prepared by the Inventory of the Black Sea History'book Businessman Ismet Erçal to use as the source of the personal museum . Prof.
Nature , historical monuments accumulated over 10 years by Ismet Erçal photos shed light on the history of the Eastern Black Sea to publish a scientific paper . Karadeniz Technical University, contributed to the book , which will be prepared by Prof. Nature , Ismet Erçal advantage of the museum's personal history will write the Eastern Black Sea .
Stating that he visited the museum with graduate students Turcologist Assoc. Dr. . Ismail Dogan, \"Karadeniz Technical University, Eastern Black Sea inventory under the name of his scientific work Ismet Erçal museums we visited . Postgraduate students along with historical works by examining the inventory included in the book will give. Ismet Erçal museum of works in which periods, to see which work we do. Museum of the works in taking photographs of a scientific article will prepare . museum three separate periods:the works that I have seen . Firstly Byzantine and Roman periods , the second Islamic period which Seljuk, Ottoman period , and the third general culture-related artifacts is located. Nadide There are works . the Roman period nobody works without there . these works in this area has been removed. army and the Black Sea a separate profit. art history and archaeologists teacher talking to the scientific publication will become a \"he said.
10 years 400 works hoarded Ismet Erçal , the \"Museum am very happy because we provide services to our region . this museum of historical artifacts while setting our aim was to prevent smuggled out of the region . I believe I have also largely avoid . Now I collect historical artifacts shed light on the Black Sea due date I'm happy , \"he said .

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