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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:28

Muslim holiday prayers in Georgia in the Met

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In Georgia, the Muslims , the Eid prayer enthusiasm made ​​.

Tiflis news:
Muslims gathered in the Georgian capital Tbilisi , mosques to pray filling feast . Prayer after the description found in Georgia , a minister Ramin Mecidov , \"Today is the Feast of Sacrifice . Today, the time of the sacrifices made by us inherited . Hazrat Ibrahim son the way of Allah willing to sacrifice and to Allah as a result of today symbolically we are celebrating . Allah's path victims We're cutting . We thereby of all Muslims Eid we celebrate . anywhere in the world as well as in Georgia celebrated. herein victims cut poor people are given . us every year as well as orphans and deprived the victims of our gifts by bayramlaşıy , and this was pretty good all Muslims rejoice to ensure that we are working , \"he said .
in Georgia Eid prayer imam who leads the \"Another course in the world, as well as the Georgian Muslims for two major festivals , one of Eid al-Adha huge importance . each year as Muslims living in Georgia this year to victims by cutting the homeless , orphans , widows to sacrifice . Today, the Prime Minister we will congratulations . We made our prayers . God everyone's prayers , sacrifices are accepted . Today is very important for us . Today we have with the victim closer to God . Today we're meant to be intimate . We also congratulate all close . I would also like to thank our state . They showed us their best effort . Today, Prime Minister of Georgia living in Georgia Muslims to congratulate the future , \"he said .
Eid prayers after the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibaşvil , Tbilisi with Muslims in met . Garibaşvil in the description of all Muslims Eid celebrated said .

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