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  • 28 Temmuz 2014, Pazartesi 13:45

Muslims in Paris in the Gaza prayed for Day of Prayer

Muslims in Paris in the Gaza prayed for Day of Prayer
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In Paris, hundreds gathered in mosques organized by expatriate Israeli attacks in Gaza to stop prayed.

Paris news: In Paris, in the mosques, hundreds gathered expatriate Israel's actions in Gaza organized attack can be stopped and prayed for .
Morning prayer and then to find a place in the mosque for citizens waiting Eid prayer described after a report together pure holding feast to pray . Citizens before the prayer for those who lost their lives in Gaza and an immediate attack and prayed to the end . Paris mosque's imam Hamid did Altındağ prayer a statement after all of the Islamic world celebrated the holiday by \"living in France all Turkish and our Muslim brothers holidays congratulations. Feast of the Islamic world for all , especially for our motherland , in the Islamic world bleeding wounds for blessing I wish to be . Mosque Us congregation crowd due by 2 times the Eid prayer was made . this time, both as the Turkish community that allowed our go both from here some Paris mosque at 9 Eid prayer we were going to bid because of the congregation with a time made. But second , our teacher is also available. the congregation If you receive a second Eid prayer also would make the situation. the Islamic world feast congratulations , \"he said .
living in France Mustafa Aslan in Gaza happened a moment before the end should be said, \"Allah granted if the Feast of Sacrifice in Turkey go on . Departures auspicious Eid al'm sorry. Whole ummah of Muhammad auspicious holidays'm sorry. I hope God to everyone , all Islamic religious brothers give our health . I hope this war ends. In Palestine our brothers are assisted , \"he said .
Muslims in France with the decision taken this year of Ramadan on the same day celebrated . Paris Diyanet protege Mosque Eid prayers local time 7 Whilst the North African Muslims and Paris Grand Mosque , Eid prayer time 9:00 as announced. done two explanations results with Turkish continuous feast prayer, citizens of other countries Eid prayer not make it to have . Eid prayers in Gaza, Syria, Iraq and other Muslim countries who lost their lives for the prayers were . at the end of the prayer of the citizens bayramlaştı with each other .

Muslims in Paris in the Gaza prayed for Day of Prayer" comments for.


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