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  • 18 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:33

Mustafa Aydin:\"Change the Perception of Turkey in the West will \"

Mustafa Aydin:\
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Istanbul Aydin University ( IAU ) , UNESCO Chair in Cultural Diplomacy and Western Studies Center at the Embassy in Brussels, EU Permanent Turkey \"Perception of Turkey in Europe \"organized a conference entitled .

Brüksel news: Regulate speech at a conference in Istanbul Aydin University Board of Trustees President Dr. Mustafa Aydin, \"Turkey in the West will change the perception ,\"he said .
Conference held in Brussels on EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator volcano Steppe was attending the opening speech . Steppe, \"Turkey is a very important period is having . During this period, Turkey to the European Union , the European Union to Turkey more than is needed , period. For that reason, today's meeting of the subject we want to do with what many overlapping know that . Such studies Turkey's new image to describe the EU in Turkey bruised image and in the EU to Turkey from the perspective bruised image to fix would be very useful I think , \"he said .
Conference of Turkey in the European Union Ambassador Selim Yenel , IAU Board of Trustees Chairman Dr. .Mustaf Smith, chair of the UNESCO Cultural Diplomacy , Western Research Center Director Dr. Şenocak floods , the EU Parliament and the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee members by Bayet m.hugues Le Monde/Liberation Chief M. Marc Semo speech. After speeches of the participants in the form of question and answer conference continued.
First conference held at the Sorbonne in France, Brussels foot in a statement after the Board of Trustees of the IAU President Dr. Mustafa Aydin conference in Germany , Madrid, Vienna, Rome and London also said it would continue and \"Europe unfortunately does not know us or not you wanna know . Heads formed in prejudices are approaching . Perhaps our side missing are , we Europeans from time to time with prejudice as we approach the situation is happening. but Europeans biased much more a part negativity Turkey at the time the goods are able to , \"he said .
University, their communities and territorial integration with the need to mention that the Aydin,\"IAU a West Research Center have established . this center's main purpose in both the West's wrong with this vision clarifies , and by us, prejudices , breaking from reality by moving towards the catch . Hence this conference the main purpose of universities , led in those countries our Permanent Representative with our embassies and our in those countries, in collaboration with universities facts , especially the Europeans to face \"to provide testimony found .
participating in the conference program by changing the EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Says Thank You to Dr. Volkan Steppe Mustafa Aydin, \"Closing my speech as I said this whole need to work an issue ; press our members , where citizens living in Europe, Turkey's'm a friend ,'said the Europeans , our universities on different platforms pull together these facts cry if we reach the conclusion I believe ,\"he said .

Mustafa Aydin:\"Change the Perception of Turkey in the West will \"" comments for.


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