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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:23

Myo Devrek Achievement Awards were returned from Alanya

Myo Devrek Achievement Awards were returned from Alanya
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October 26, 2014 in the historic district of Antalya, Alanya Tourism and Gold Bucket Chefs Association ( AKTAD ) organized by Alanya Municipality and supported by Alanya Gold Bucket 4. National Cooking Contest has ended .

Zonguldak news: Photo held in Alanya Cultural Center , 650 master chefs and students participated in the competition Bulent Ecevit University ( BEA ) circuit Vocational High School ( DVHES ) joined 10 students from the Culinary Arts Program. School of Culinary Arts Program students , while an example of a fight in the national arena , threw more achieved a great success , winning a total of 12 medals . Returning victorious from the contest held DVHES Assistant Director of congratulating students . Assoc. Dr. Sefa Kocabaş, \"Our school has one silver medal in alihi Iron chicken category of students , 1 silver medal in Hakan Atunbaş chicken category , the Scion Stone pizza category 1 silver medal at the Saban Caner blips dessert category 1 bronze medal Emotions Kararacaağaçl Ertan 1 bronze medal Elif craving dessert category regional casserole dishes category 1 bronze medal , 1 merit award in the Crescent Asset regional casserole dishes category , Personal Güneç fish category 1 merit award , MN Saddler year's golden young chef in the category of one merit award , Personal Güneç , alihi Iron , Abdurrahman Sahin intercollegiate team category 1 is merit including the award a total of 3 merit medal entitled to receive the march , 3 silver from the competition as Bulent Ecevit University , 3 bronze medals and won a total of 12 medals, including six merit awards. he congratulated the success of our students and wish them continued success , \"he said

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