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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:37

Myon çerkezköy Building Public Education Center Will

Myon çerkezköy Building Public Education Center Will
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Text Kublai Cerkezkoy district of Tekirdağ Governor , Cerkezkoy Vocational College moved into the building after the existing building Velikoy Guidance Research Center, Adult Education Center and Library will be used as said.

Tekirdağ news:
Cerkezkoy Governor Kublai text , they held the second'Lifelong Learning , Adult Education Planning and Cooperation Commission meeting met with managers of educational institutions . Çerkezköy Adult Education Center, the opening of the meeting , who Cerkezkoy Governor Text Kublai , \"this period in Çerkezköy 67 courses will be opened and our courses in the interest of our citizens want you to . Lifelong learning under the name Pearl Delicate Primary School have identified as the place for our Ministry made ​​an offer . Approval process , except where the all the work while we have completed . Ministry in December from the future the positive response we expect . the approval comes in 2015 Cerkezkoy a major public education center we will give , \"he said .
Velikoy will be moved to the Namik Kemal University Cerkezkoy Vocational College currently uses building to assess said they wanted Kubilay , \"Our school campus after moving to vacant buildings Guidance Research Center, Adult Education Center and Library will be working . these meetings, our once a month to make believe . the next meeting our Cerkezkoy Commerce and Industry Chamber representatives shall participate . Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone district gave us a beautiful seminar room . Conferences and seminars are also no longer there, we can \"in their description found .
Cerkezkoy the industrial city is reminiscent Governor Kublai ,\"in Cerkezkoy industry qualified employees needs too . Çerkezköy is among Turkey's industrial cities . Is in need of qualified workers in these factories we all know . At this point, PECs will be activated . Adult Education Centre will be opened by qualified and looking through the courses in elaman needs will be met . In addition to training our young people to purify vices should lead to sports . To do youth center also has a young population Cerkezkoy sports the need to get some experience will have , \"he said.
Cerkezkoy Adult Education Center Deputy Director Najm Pour in conjunction with the Public Education Center's 2013-2014 academic year, evaluating the Governor Kublai , \"141 vocational courses in 2011-2012 , 198 socio-cultural , 36 literacy courses were opened. Our course opened in 2013-2014 and 375 , this course is attended our 7 thousand 899 kursiyerimiz . I do not see enough of these figures . Will open course with this figure even more this year to elevate aim , \"he said .
Meeting Cerkezkoy Governor Text Kublai Çerkezköy district police chief Murat Ogan , Cerkezkoy District Commander of the Gendarmerie , Major Rushdie Eryýlmaz , District Director of Education Huseyin Erdogan, the Adult Education Center Director Najm Akin , ÇTSO Deputy Parliament Speaker Mehmet Aksoy , County Mufti Yusuf Danube , District Health Director Dr. Olcay Palak , District Youth and Sports Services Manager Text lunar, National Education Branch Manager , School principals, district leaders and corporate representatives .

Myon çerkezköy Building Public Education Center Will" comments for.


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