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  • 17 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 13:05

Narcissus:\"School Breakfast for Success Charter\"

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Amasya Governor Ibrahim Khalil Çomaktek with accompanying health and national education managers, they visited a school with students in the classroom make breakfast , ate the apple .

Amasya news: Amasya Governor Ibrahim Khalil Çomaktek with the accompanying health and national education managers, they visit a school classroom with students breakfast make apple ate.
This year by Ministry of Health Healthy Living and Motion Year was declared , and every month to organize various activities that September, in the context of \"I ate breakfast , fruit in my bags with the theme\"Nihat Bayramoğlu explaining that they met for breakfast with students of Primary School of Public Health Director Dr. Amasya Suggest Narcissus , \"of our age and our country's increasingly become an issue with children coming era with the problem of obesity, the biggest one of the reasons breakfast of childhood regularly since making a habit of not . Healthy diet as well as our children a more active lifestyle to adopt physical activity increase their being healthy pre-condition , \"he said .
school-aged children's physical development and their education successfully to sustain an indispensable a healthy diet first leg breakfast indicating that suggest Narcissus ,\"our children's rapid growth and development period, because they are energy, protein, calcium, iron and vitamins including all the nutrients to the requirements more is increasing. for our children a healthy breakfast the most important elements milk is . Contents of calcium in our child a healthy bone structure with will make . milk not love fresh fruit for adding to love can make . Nutritional value of fresh boiled eggs with milk because of the richness of breakfast items is important for our children . Cheese , olives, honey , molasses, depending on the season tomatoes, cucumbers attention should be paid to consume such foods also . Breakfast with tea drinking, this will reduce the absorption of iron should be avoided. Instead of white bread whole grain bread should be preferred , \"he said .
Dietitians Saleh Light's presentation in the classroom with students breakfast make apple eater Governor Ibrahim Khalil Çomaktek also to students of apples and other fruits eating has recommended .
Programme Province Director of Education Huseyin sun , the sea and the Provincial Health Director Dr. Omar Hamdi Press and Public Relations Manager burns also attended. Çomaktek retinue , and took photos with students after school .

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