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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:53

Narcotics Dog'Sile'Gateway Drug Stops in Karabük

Narcotics Dog'Sile'Gateway Drug Stops in Karabük
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Karabük staffed Police Department's narcotics detector dogs in Chile , drug traffickers does not pass.

Karabük news:
Karabuk Safety Director Dr. Jonathan Tezsever the inauguration along with city-wide uyuşturucul in the fight against set objectives in line with the police in the last 6 months, 56 kilograms of drugs seized in the operations involved , drugs to find trained narcotics detector dog'Sile'every day with various training programs are subjected .
City Police Department of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch teams at 6 months which was organized 57 drug operation 56 kilograms of drugs were seized in these operations detained 94 people, 12 were arrested.
drug traffickers hidden compartments where they kept the drugs available that contribute to the two-year-old founded in Belgium'was unveiled to the press silane education . Into the closet in the room at the police headquarters branch finds marijuana hidden'in Chile', placed in the garden of vehicles in a short time was able to find marijuana . Trainers in fulfilling the command of which was also extremely successful silane safety staff also showed great interest .
Provincial Police Director , Dr. Jonathan Tezsev , drug operations'silane has made great contribution , he said.
Tezsev the \"Our city people will disturb all people by identifying , Terror, İsithbarat and Illicit Trafficking Branch Müdrülüğümüz followed by taking the last six months, the high amount of drugs seized it . Recent we have established in units of our people will bother against persons necessary struggle are continuing . past 6 months, 57 one-narcotics operations have made . 110 near targets we have set had it for 94 we seized and 12 people were arrested . our operations silane great contribution . police by our well-trained a dog . Gite where we can not find our police finding drugs provide benefit to us . well with this kind of training we keep our dog ready for new operations , \"he said .

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