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  • 25 Eylül 2013, Çarşamba 11:57

NASA to do research on the Atlantic Ocean

NASA to do research on the Atlantic Ocean
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America, the most intense period of the hurricane season entering the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA, focusing on the storms in the Atlantic Ocean began to examine.

NASA near Washington Goddard Space Flight Center meteorologists who served briefly called HS3 hurricane and Severe Thunderstorm tells scouts project.

tropical storms and hurricanes, rising waves, to say the damage from high winds and floods.

the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this year Atlantic Ocean , the expects to more active hurricane season than normal.

NASA, the storms of the Atlantic Ocean is to rise above views.

Global Hawk unmanned vehicle will make two measurements, the experts give clues about changes in the hurricanes.

NASA meteorologist Scott Braun, the apartment two years, the Hurricane and Severe Storm scouts program which says:"The environment and the internal structures of hurricanes on the Atlantic Ocean, how you played a role in the formation of hurricanes, trying to figure out how they interact with each other."

Global Hawks vehicles can go 20 kilometers altitude. This height will reach a height of passenger aircraft twice. High Altitude Wind and Rain Radar, providing experts storms to collect information about the sky.


Global Hawks tools, how might influence the severity of the storm storms around the scan will examine environmental conditions, collect data on storms.

one of the instruments, Drilling will drop. Drop drilling, sky, storms, weather devices are thrown to the ground to pass through.

Global Hawks tools, with the latest technological equipment.

Project manager Scott Braun, in this study the benefits of using an unmanned vehicle, explains:"This means we can make 28 hour flight, the plane because the team is not in the earth. We can make changing of the guard. This is also a manned vehicle on a storm keeps us far longer than we could take."

collected data will be examined in depth. However, Braun, quickly share their analyzes and the results public immediately, he says.

project also examines the case of any other experts scramble his head for a long time.

Scott Braun,"Wind speed and direction, as well as engaged in air temperature around the storms. Saharan Air Layer explore. Saharan Air Layer, very hot and dusty air mass coming from Africa,"he says.

Experts causes increased intensity of tropical storms in the dust from the Sahara Desert is investigating.

NASA to do research on the Atlantic Ocean" comments for.


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