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  • 18 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 11:21

Nasser is triggering long periods of standing

Nasser is triggering long periods of standing
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Of working women, especially due to the business of constantly having to stand foremost in many diseases including dermatological and orthopedic problems caused to be faced was specified.

Adana news: Working women, especially the job so consistently stand having primarily the dermatological and orthopedic problems including many diseases have faced caused said.
Women worked extensively as a teacher, customer representative, public relations, nursing, in sectors such as long stay afloat , inactivity and long working hours induced disturbances in the beginning of calluses come stating Adana Asmir Podiatrists Mukaddes Self, this kind of hiring women with foot care more emphasis on the need to demonstrate said.
used shoes and slippers, foot health and whole body posture Emphasizing that determine the self, an orthopedic shoes will offer complete comfort and benefit from the comfort of health has proposed. It always orthopedic shoes can not wear 'those who call too often are faced at least a week a certain period of time they can use the proposed Ozer said,"sharp edges, high heels elegance behalf indispensable though foot health, unfortunately, is threatened. Standing warts, calluses, ingrown and mushrooms nail increases the risk. regular periods, the right medical care by making of these problems are preventable,"he said.
Sacred Self, callused feet skin and warts, deformation of the nails early intervention of seeing irreversible encounter problems would avoid added.

Nasser is triggering long periods of standing" comments for.


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