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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 11:21

National basketball players went to Slovenia

National basketball players went to Slovenia
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A National Basketball Team went to Slovenia to join the European Basketball Championship.

observed in the national basketball

morale is high, take every match seriously, said they wanted to return with medals.

A national basketball team, moved to Slovenia to join the European Basketball Championship. Ataturk Airport, posing for pictures with fans plenty of basketball players were higher morale.

National Team coach Aaron Erdener, friendly matches they played a very good pace, he said. Erdener noted that they are ready for the tournament,"Well, there is a team.'ll Fight against very strong teams. Turnuva'ya 5-6 team coming to the medal. We're going to play that tournament. Tournament performing well and would like to finish in the best way."she said.

National basketball Hedo Turkoglu said that the preparatory stage performance was improving with each passing day. The team believes it would be better expressed and Turkoglu,"I believe that this process a long tournament so it will reach 100 per cent. Our one idea from the first game to take every match seriously, want to win every match without strain for ourselves. Everyone is a good team works perfectly willing. us a decent outcome may want to return to our country."he spoke.

Kerem Gönlüm participate in the tournament after a long study, he said. My heart caught stability in the sense of Defense stated,"I hope that the offensive would be a good present. Worked very diligently, the last image we have played very good matches. First match to go as far as we can go from hope to return with medals. Individual in our performances we have. Difficult group, but I Many opponents do not look. stare us what to do. talented players, each player in the 12-man roster. Alliance tie live show them a good tournament."said.

National basketball players went to Slovenia" comments for.


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